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into to ot

test #3

Role playing? Purposeful activity
Use of transportation in the community? Occupation-based activity
Environment in which communications occurs by means of airways or computers and an absence of physical contact. Such as chat rooms, e-mail, video conferencing, and radio transmissions? Virtual
Brushing your teeth every morning? Routine
The initial step for the evaluation process? Occupational Profile
Making a splint to avoid movement Preparatory activity
Cultural, personal, physical, social, temporal, and virtual are terms associated with? Context
Explain the diagnosis to your patient? Education
Go to the museum to get a membership? Purposeful activity
Helping a client with arthritis continue to hike to protect from injury? Prevent
Running a race instead of jogging? Context
Can't make the doctor appointment on time? Performance patterns (Impoverished habit)
Range of motion of the right hand? Client factors
In what area of occupation is learning a new sport? Leisure
In what area of occupation is learning CPR Education
Feeding the pet? Instrumental activities of daily living (IADL)
What type of facilities fall under the PUBLIC AGENCY setting? Agencies operated by federal, state, or county governments. FEDERAL: VA Hospitals and Clinics, Public Health Services Hopsitals and Clinics, and Indian Health Services; STATE: correctional facilities, hospitals for the mentally ill or developmentally disa
What type of facilities fall under the PRIVATE NOT-FOR-PROFIT AGENCY setting? They receive special tax exemptions and typically charge a fee for services and maintain a balanced budget. Include: hospitals and clinics WITH RELIGIOUS AFFILIATIONS, Easter Seal Society and United Cerebral Palsy
What type of facilities fall under the PRIVATE FOR-PROFIT AGENCY setting? They're owned and operated by individuals or a group of investor and are in business to make a profit.
What type of setting is a VA Hospital Public Agency
What are DRGs? Diagnosis-related groups. Under the PPS, hospitals are paid pre-determined, fixed rate, based on the DRG regardless of the services provided.
What setting would you find a client with a history of a disability? Long-term care
What Settings are considered to be in the sociological sphere of practice Schools, Day treatment, Hippotherapy centers, Workshops, Special Olympics, Special camps
What Settings are considered to be in the biological sphere of practice? Hospitals, Clinics, Work sites, Home health, Skilled nursing facilities
What settings would be found in the psychological sphere of practice? Institutions, Community mental health, Teen centers, Supervised living, After-school programs
What setting is considered to be in the all inclusive sphere of practice? Long-term care
What setting is considered private sphere practice? Self-defined
What settings are considered nontraditional sphere of practice? Correctional facility, Hospice, National societies
As mental institutions began closing, what new setting was created? Community Mental Health
Describe the employment projections for OT practitioners Employment in OT is "expected to increase much faster than the average for all occupations through 2014
What are the three stages of an interview? 1-initial contact, 2-information gathering, 3-CLOSURE
What is learned helplessness? a phenomenon that many elderly people manifest that results when others do everything for the older individual and do not let him or her make decisions and engage in activities
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