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Lab Methods for Yeas

Mod 3 Lab Info

If the colony color is white, tan, pink, or salmon what might be growing? Dematiaceous yeasts
Why is Corn Meal-Tween 80 agar used? Encourages development of chlamydospores; can see hyphae, pseudohyphae; clear media-can view under light microscope; specific organisms associated w/specific morphology
What are the 4 main types of cornmeal agar morphology? Hyphae, Pseudohyphae, Arthroconidia, Chlamydoconidia or blastoconidia
What has pseudohyphae and blastoconidia only on cornmeal agar? C. krusei, C. parapsilosis, C. kefyr, C. tropicalis
What has blastoconidia only on cornmeal agar? C. glabrata, C. neoformans
What has arthroconidia on cornmeal agar? T. beigelii
What physiological tests are used to differentiate yeast? Germ tube test, assimilation/fermentation, urea hydrolysis, temperature studies
Order to follow for identifying yeast Wet prep, Germ tube, If germ tube negative plate on CMT, Physiological/biochemical tests
What is involved in germ tube test? Serum, plasma, or commercially made broth; incubate for 2 hours; very time sensitive
What yeast forms a "true" germ tube? C. albicans
What is a "true" germ tube? No constriction at base where the tube attaches to the mother cell
If a germ tube has a contricted base what yeast is indicated? C. tropicalis
Definition of fermentation Carbohydrate use in absence of oxygen
What does an assimilation test tell us? What can be used as a sole carbon source, carbohydrate assimilation
Two types of assimilation systems for identifying yeast API 20C-strip test; Vitek-automated
What does a urease test differentiate? Cryptococcus from Rhodotorula
What temperature does Cryptococcus spp. grow at? Weakly at 35C, no growth at 42C
What group has several spp. that grow well at 45C and higher? Candida spp.
Created by: blackicecreamcat
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