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Business Law AOAM

Anatomy of a Murder Vocab A-F

affidavit a sworn, written statement
appeal petitioning a higher court to review a case to reverse errors made at trial
arraignment bringing a defendant before a judge to allow him or her to hear the charges that were filed and make a plea
arrest the official detention of a person for a criminal trial
bail money or property temporarily surrendered to the government by a defendent who will be released until trial to ensure that he or she will not flee the jurisdiction.It is returned to the defendent upon the trial's conclusion.
Bill of Rights the first ten amendments to the U.S. Constitution; they secure several of the most important rights of American citizens.
book to formal, clerical aspect of an arrest. During "booking", several forms are filled out containing the defendent's personal information
charge an accusation of guilt; usually the first step in a criminal prosecution
Constitution- the document that defines the United States government. It also sets forth certain inalienable rights of American citizens. The Constitution delimits the specific powers of each branch of the federal government, and sets forth their duties.
cross examination the period of questioning in a trial when the lawyers of one side interrogate a witness from the opposing side
defendant- party against which a case is brought in a criminal or civil trial.
defense attorney counsel employed to represent a defendent
direct examination period of questioning in a trial when the lawyers of one side question their own witnesses
due process - guarantees and procedures built into the legal system into safeguard the civil rights of individuals.
exclusionary rule the provision that the Supreme Court has interpreted to exist in the Constitution that prohibits evidence obtained by means of an unlawful seizure from being admitted in a court of law
execution termination of human life by the government as punishment for a crime
federalism- the sharing of powers and responsibilities between the country's government as a whole (the federal government) and individual state governments.
foreman the jury members who speaks for the body as a whole
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