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9 weeks 1 L

4 thins of aTragic Hero 1. high born 2. tragic flaw that leads 3. downfall affect him and family 4. realizes what happens, to to fix it
Antigone's Tragic Hero 1. Creon is king/brother of a queen 2. pride 3. affects antigone, haimon and euradece 4. tries to correct but is to late!! Tearaseus the blind prophet tells him he has made a mistake. buries the body "polynesis" instead letting out antigone first.
Madea's Tragic Hero 1. Princes. daughter of a king 2. pride- won't let her effect that jason is leaving her 3. hates jason more than she loved her children. Madea- lost her kids Jason- lost creon, princess, and children 4. takes responsibility
First theme of Silas Marner Natural Human relationship- everyone in reveloe played a part in the story. 15 years with no friends but dolly winthrop. after eppie came he became closer to the people in the town and didn't isolate himself
second theme of Silas Marner in latern yard silas was part of the church but after leaving lost faith... lead to isolation. lost faith in GOD and MAN KIND... If he was not found guilty and left he would have never got eppie
third theme of Silas Marner importance of custom and traditions- *new years party and everyone went *Church on sunday *open door on new years for good luck *cass family rich silas poor
symbols of silas marner 1. Silas Loom- life 2. Open door- beginning of accepting him to ravaloe 3.latern yard- past 4. hearth- warmth 5. eppies curls- gold coins 6. gold coins- friends
why did silas leave lantern yard? he was accused of a murder
who is sally oats? women silas gave herbs to
when silas tells people he can not cure them with the herbs, what do they begin to believe about him? he was evil and from the devil
why does silas insist on keep eppie? because she came to him
for whom is eppies name? Silas's mother and sister
how did silas attempt to punish eppie? tying her up and putting her in the coal hole
after silas gold is returned to him what is his feelings about it? that it didn't have to take gold to make him happy
why did navy reject the idea of adopting a child after godfrey wanted to do so? she said if god wanted them to have a child she would have had one
how does godfrey attempt to justify his not telling nancy about eppie? he didn't want to upset her and he said she wouldn't marry him
after godfrey offers to take eppie into his home and care for her as if she were his own child, how does silas respond? How does eppie respond? what does eppies response force silas to do? Silas: why didn't you step up and say she was yours... i have raised her Eppie- she wouldn't leave her father Godfrey- tells the truth
what does silas say to godfrey about his rights as a father as opposed to godfrey? that godfrey had the opportunity to claim her
why does nancy not want godfrey being eppies father made public? she thinks it would be best for only them to know... not the public
describe dolly! how does she contribute to silas life she teaches silas how to raise eppie
contrast godfrey and dunstin cass godfrey: weak.. nice Dunstin: mean... bad
what is the turning point of silas life? when he finds eppie
why are people of ravaloe suspicious of silas? outsider/ strange appearance/ stays to himself / they think he is evil
who is sarah? silas fiancé that william dane steals
what information does dunstin have to black mail his brother? that he will tell about his marriage
why does godfrey allow dunstin to sale wildfire? where he won't tell about molly
what happens after he sales wildfire? rides him and "accidentally kills him"
why does dunstin go to silas cottage? to borrow money
why is silas not home the night of the robbery? he is getting something in the town
who does silas blame for the robbery? Why? Jim rodney! because he was walking by his house irony--- false accuse
why does no one suspect that dunstins disappearance has anything to do with the robbery? he always disappears and doesn't need money he is wealthy!!!
whom did the village blame for the robbery? why? on a peddler selling wears! because they found a tender box in the house
how does silas loss change the attitude of the villagers? they start talking to him
what is the social event of the year?? new years eve party
why does molly come to ravaloe? to show the cass his granddaughter and for more money
why is silas door open on new years eve for good luck and he was using his key to cook somethign
when silas leaves the house with the child where does he go? red house
what has godfrey done for silas and eppie? why built more to the house! to help his guilt
what has silas told about her mother? that she looked like her and had a hard life
the unhappy part of nancy and godfrey marriage? no child
how is dunstins skeleton identified? gold whip
who gives epie a wedding dress/ nancy
whom does eppie marry? aaron
Created by: mary_gardner



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