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Hem1 Chp15 DelTech

Reveiw of Chapter 15 Hematology 1 for DelTech Owens

Blood smears should be made with __ to __ hours of collection. two to three
Sources of blood specimens may come from __ tubes, which are lavender in color. EDTA
EDTA __ the calcium in the blood specimen. chelates
After two to three hours of blood collection, __ will appear in a blood smear. artifacts
When blood platelets surround or adhere to the segs in a blood smear, this is called __. satellitosis
A longer, nine syllable word for satellitosis is __. pseudothrombocytopenia
EDTA can cause satellitosis. To avoid this, __ citrate may be used. Or you can vortex the specimen. sodium
A polychrome stain contains __ and methylene blue. eosin
Methanol is a stain __. fixative
Staining reactions are __ dependent. pH
Methylene blue stain is __ so it stains acids like RNA. basic
Eosin is __ so it stains basics, like HGB and eosinophilic granules. acidic
High humidity can cause burr cells, or __ in blood samples. echinocytes
A good peripheral smear will be stained __ to __ in color when Wright stained. pink to purple
The RBCs in a good peripheral smear will be __ to salmon __ in color if Wright stained. orange to salmon pink
The WBCs in a good peripheral smear will have __ to __ color nuclei if Wright stained. purple to blue
The cytoplasm of neutrophils should be __ to __ in color if properly Wright stained and smeared. pink to tan
The granules of neutrophils should be __ to __ in color if properly Wright stained and smeared. salmon to pink
Holes in a peripheral smear suggest the sample has too much __. lipid
Cold agglutinin will give an RBC smear a __ appearance. grainy
If you find __ strands in the smear, you should reject it. fibrin
A good area to perform a peripheral blood exam on a smear is one where the blood cells are __ touching. barely
No more than __ or __ blood cells should overlap when choosing an area on a blood smear to perform an exam. two or three
The average number of WBCs per high power field should be multiplied by __ to get an approximate total WBC count. two-thousand
A systematic method for performing a WBC differential is called the __ pattern. battlement
To get an approximate count of platelets in a blood smear, you multiply the number of oil immersion fields counted by __. twenty-thousand
Leukocytosis means the white blood cell count is __. elevated
Leukopenia means the WBC count is __. low
A left shift during a WBC counts means the cells are __. immature
When the mean cell volume is within reference range, it is __. normocytic
When the mean cell volume is below reference range, it is __. microcytic
When the mean cell volume is above reference range, it is __. macrocytic
If the number of platelets is high, this is called __. thrombocytosis
If the number of platelets is low, this is called __. thrombocytopenia
MPV stands for __ __ __. mean platelet volume
Name 3 macroscopic reasons for rejecting a blood smear. 1) wrong color 2)grainy 3) holes
Name 3 microscopic reasons for rejecting a blood smear. 1) wrong color or distribution of cells 2)fibrin strands 3) large cells/blasts
What can cause RBCs to appear grey, WBCs too dark, or eos to look grey instead of orange? Stain is too alkaline. Inadequate rinsing. Prolonged staining. Sample is heparinized.
What can cause RBCs to become too pale or red, and WBCs to become barely visible? Stain too acidic. Underbuffering. Over-rinsing.
Why are manual platelets counts performed? To verify automated platelet counts.
Which objective is used when performing a manual platelet count? 100x (oil)
How many oil immersion fields are counted when performing the platelet estimate procedure? ten
To get the approximate platelet count, the average number of platelets per oil immersion field is multiplied by __. twenty-thousand
Increases in neutrophils are called __. neutrophilia
Decreases in neutrophils are called __. neutropenia
Increases in eosinophils are called __. eosinophilia
Increases in lymphocytes are called __. lymphocytosis
Decreases in lymphocytes are called __. lymphopenia
Increases in monocytes are called __. monocytosis
Decreases in monocytes are called __. monocytopenia
Labs examine hemoglobin for test for __. anemia
Labs examine MCV to assess __ __. cell size
Labs examine MCHC to assess __ __. hemoglobin concentration
Labs examine red cell distribution width (RDW) to assess __. anisocytosis
If MCV is within reference range, it is __. normocytic
If MCV is below reference range, it is __. microcytic
If MCV is above reference range, it is __. macrocytic
Younger platelets are __. large
Older platelets are __. small
Created by: IsaacJ
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