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Oct 18 WD1 SA

demographics the study of groups of people. specifically, the practice of gathering statistcal data by studying populations based on characteristics such as age, income, and education
brand a concept or collection of symbols associated wwith a product, service or person
spider an engine that sniffs the server to match up your keywords.
electronic commerce (e-commerce) the intergration of communications data management and sercurity capabnilitis to allow organizations and consumers to exchange info related to the sale of good and services
business-to-consumer (B2C) an e-commerce model in which web-based business sells products and/or services to consumers or end users
business-to-business (B2B) an e-commerce model in which web-based business sells products and/or services to other business
consumer-to-consumer (C2C) an e-commerce model in which indivudal consumers sells products and/or services to other consumers
search engine optimization (SEO) the process of improving the colume and quiality of traffic to a web site by structruing content to improve search engine ranking. a specific activity of internet marketing
pay per click (PPC) an internet marketing technique that enables you to list your site high in search engine rankings by advertising on keywords that describe your product or service
web analytics the practice of collecting data and studying user bhavior in an attempt to increase marker share and sales
3-D secure an XML-bases protocol used by credit card companies to add security to online credit and debit card transactions
secure sockets layer (SSL) a protocol that provide authenticatin and encryption, used by most servers for secure exchanges over the internet. superseded by transport layer sercuiry (TLS)
transport layer security (TLS) a protocl based on SSL 3.0 that provides authentication and encryption usdd by most servers for secure exchanged over the internet
request for comments (RFC) a document published by the IETF that details info about standarized protocols and those in carious deveolpment
Created by: ash.sa2