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computer business applications

What word feature corrects common capitolization, grammar, and typing errors as you type? autocorrect
What changes the appearance of text? formatting
what are the built in formats for both texts and paragraphs that you can apply by clicking a button in the home tab? quick styles
what feature automatically applies built in formats to text as you type? autoformat
What are the document parts that you can create, store and reuse called? building blocks
What are building blocks that you create from frequently used text, such as a name, address, or slogan and then save so that you can access them by clicking the quick parts button in the text group in the insert group? quick parts
What feature of word completes the spelling of days of the week and months of the year that have more than five letters in their name? autocomplete
What word feature flags words that might be misspelled by underlining them with a red or blue wav y line immediately after you type them? automatic spell checking
What word feature identifies possible misusage by examining the context in which the word is used? contextual spell checking
What feature checks your document for grammatical errors? automatic grammar checking
What word feature finds a synonym and for some words an antonym for the words you type? thesaurus
Created by: bree101