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21st Century learn

Using technology tools to teach in this century

What are the four advantages to using software tools in a classroom setting? Improved productivity, Improved appearance, Imroved accuracy, More support for interaction and collaboration.
Define "Database Software". A program that allows information to be collected and organized to allow easy retrieval through keyword searching.
What has taken the place of database software? Presentation programs
What language features does word processing offer? 1)Check and correct spelling 2)suggest words 3)check grammar and usage
List 3 major impacts of spreadsheet software in education. Saves time, Organizes and displays information, support asks "what if" questions.
How many steps are involved in teaching students how to do word processing? 7
Basic features of presentation of software allow display of frames of information in a set sequence.
Define Desktop publishing. using a combination of software, microcomputers, and printers to allow individuals to be their own publishers.
define webquest an inquiry-oriented lesson format in which most or all the information that learners work with comes from the web.
What does HTML stand for? Hypertest markup language
What do teachers commonly use to create and enter questions for a test? Test Generators
list the 5 components of Test Generators 1)test creation and revision procedures 2)random generation of questions 3)selection of questions based on criteria 4)answer keys 5)test item banks
What does PDF stand for? portable document format
IEPs serve as what? blueprints for each students instructional activities.
define "graphic document makers" software tools that simplify the activity of making highly graphin materials, such as awards certificates and greeting cards.
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