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Ed Technology

Chapter 1 - Educational Technology in Context

cloud computing the practice of storing software on servers that are accessed through the Internet
cyberbullying growing problem of online harassment in social networks
firewall software that protects a school's or company's entire computer system from attempts by others to gain unauthorized access to it and also prevents access by users to certain sites
instructional technology the subset of educational technology that deals directly with teaching and learning applications
virtual schooling instruction in which K-12 students and teachers are separated by time and/or location and interact via computers and/or telecommunications technologies
portfolio a collection of work products that demonstrate achievement over time
interactive whiteboard a device that includes a display screen connec ted to a computer and digital projector; allows information projected on screen to be manipulated with special pens or one's hands
logic bomb a type of computer virus that is set to "go off" at a certain time
microcomputer also called a personal computer, a stand-alone, desktop, or laptop computer that uses a microprocessor and is designed for use by an individual
handheld technologies small, multi-purpose devices such as cell-phones, e-books, and "smart" pens that make it easy to view, communicate, and share information, regardless of location
Created by: awalton