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Chapter six: Hypermedia Tools for 21st century teaching

Multimedia literally means "multiple media" or "a combination of media."
Hypermedia refers to "linked media" or "interactive media"
Tutorials descriptions and explanations can be visual in nature and can be presented with screen capture videos with digitized video played in the browser, spoken to the student through use of audio files, and/or presented in text format with supportive imagery
Drill and Practice practice items can be posed in audio or video, as well as text, and feedback for correct and incorrect answers can be presented in any combination of these modes
Simulations mutimedia presentations can include movement and sound, simulations can be even more realistic than textual narratives and imagery of concept or context
Instructional games motion and sound can make presentation more attractive and can further enhance the motivational qualities of games
Problem Solving Problems may be presented to learners in video format, thus clarifying the problems to be solved and demonstrating viually the relationship among the items of informations required for solution generation
Interactive storybooks/electronic storybooks stories that can abe read from a computer screen, on mobile devices, or as pring books withinteractive buttons
Aptitude-treatment interaction (ATI) Research finding that formats that are beneficial for one group have a negative impact on a group with the opposite characteristic
cognitive load the amount of working memory that is available to a learner to process new information and that is taken up at a given time by a learning task
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