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Technology Chapter 7

Distance teaching and learning and the role of the internet

using software stored ouside ones' own computer on servers that are accessed through the Internet cloud computing
text-based psts that can be up to 140 characters that are posted within a person's profile page tweets
prfix consisting of a pound sign (#) and a topic name, followed by a message of up to 140 characters. hash tag
electronic message centers but are used for posting messages of interest to group members who visit the BB, rather than for emailed notices that all members recieve at once bulletin boards (BBs)
web page that serves as a publicly accessible location for discussing a topic or issue blog
make possible ongoing email "conversations" among groups who belong to an organization or share common interests listservs
internet locations that allow "live" communications between two or more users chatrooms
moving 3-d figures that represent people in virtual environments avatars
allows users to use private chatrooms in which members alert each other when they wish to chat instant messaging (IM)
allows for instant communication between people but is done with cell phones text messaging
collection of web pages located in an online community that encourage collaboration and communication of ideas by having users contribute or modify content wikis
created by users and shared over the internet for playback on the ccomputer or personal media devices podcasts
websites created by students to showcase their work and to organize, revise, and store digital assets thay have created inside and outside the classroom e-portfolios
online collection of web course design and delivery tools course management system (CMS)
abberviation for application app
applications that work on all platforms: the iPad, iPod, and iphone universal apps
Created by: dshamp