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Web Design

terms for the final test

.exe a file extension that indicates that the file is a program file
.gif a file extension for images, usually line and clip art
.jpg a file extension for images, usually photographs
.txt a file extension for text only files
.zip a file extension for zip compressed file
address email address, internet address, and web address
alt tag an HTML tag that allows you to specify text to display
anchor in HTML, anchors mark the start and end of hypertext links
AUP acceptable use policy
bandwidth the range of tansmission frequencies taht a nerwork can use
banner an image that appears at the top of every page on a web site
bitmap an picture you see on a web page is a bitmap
blog a web site where users can post a chronological, up-to-date e-journal entry of their thoughts
body HTML: the section of a web page which contains all the text and graphics you see in a browser window
broken link / broken graphic a link or hyperlink which no longer works when a web page loads, or when it is clicked on or does not take the user to the destination it was supposed too
browser software used to view information on the worldwideweb
button a graphic that a user can click on to do something, like download a program or go to another web page
case sensitive when it matters if letters are typed in uppercase of lowercase
.com a type of internet domain assigned to URLs which are business or commercial entities
client a remote computer connected to a host or server
commercial software software that is distributed to the public for profit
compression the process of making computer data smaller consequently, the information takes up less disk or file space and may be transmitted in less time
connect time the wmount of time spent connected to an internet service
copyright the exclusive legal right to reproduce, publish, and sell a literary, musical, dramatic, or artistic work
crop using a tool to remove part of an object from an image to create a more pleasing image
CSS cascading style sheets or CSS allows a web designer to separate how items look from content information
DNS server domain name system. a database system that trnaslates in IP address in to a domain name
domain namee the address of URL of a particular web site
download to transfer files from another computer to your computer
folder a menu item containing further information
freeware software that is distributed at no cost to the user
gradient a gradient consists of two or more colors that blend into each other
groupware software that enables electronic collaboration between users
head the HTML tag used to enclose the beginning elements in the HTML document, including the title
hexidecimal it is most commonly used online to assign color to web pages
home page the first web page displayed when starting a web browser
host any computer that can function as the beginning and end point of data transfers
hot spot a clickable area on a graphic called an image map.
HTML Hypertext Markup Language. the coding scheme used to format text for use on the worldwideweb
HTTP Hypertext Transport Protocol. the transmission standard used to send an HTML document across the WWW
hyperlink elements on a web page allowing the user to open related web pages by clicking the mouse
hypermedia the electronic linking of text, graphics, sound, and video allowing a user to ump from one piece of information to another
hypertext a system of writing and displaying text that enables the text to be linked in multiple ways
interactive allows a user to manipulate the outcome of certain events
intranet a network within an organization that uses internet technologies to connect its employees and customers to the organization
IP address Internet Protocol Addess. A uniquely assigned numeric address for each computer connected to the internet
ISP Internect Service Provider. A service company that provides a user with an account on a host-computer having access to the internet
keyword a word which can be searched for in documents
link the text or graphic used in an HTML document to jump from one document to another
logo a word, phrase, sumbol, or graphic that identifies an organization, company, or brand
multimedia the presentation of information using animation, sound, graphics, and text
navigation bar a set of buttons or hyperlinks that when clicked on take you to other sections of the site
optimize to customize a web page so that it will run at its utmost cpacity in terms of speed and efficiency
packets how information travels over a network
PDF Portable Document Format. the file format of documents viewed and created by the Adobe Acrbat Reader and others
portal a wev site that serves as a starting point to other destinations or activities on the web
post to place an HTML file on a server to make it available for browsing
protocol protocols were created to ensure reliable connections between many different computer types
public domain software or information with no copyfight restrictions
rollover a graphic element in a web page that changes appearanve when you trigger it by rolling over it with the mouse
search engine search engines attempt to help a user isolate desired information or resources
secured site refers to any web site the uses encrypted transmissions and takes other appropriate measures to ensure the protection of sensitive information
server a host computer on a network
shareware software that can be obtained for free on a trial basis but that may require some payment
site a home and/or location on the WWW
storyboard a visual representation of a web site and its pages
tag the HTML codes used to specify text styles, etc.
target lets the user link to a specific place within a web page
TCP/IP Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
template a reusable pattern that helps you place information quickly and efficiently on a web page
text editor or HTML writer an application program that allows you to manually hey HTML commandes in to a blank document
thumbnail a graphic or inage purposely made small
title bar the colored bar at the top of each wendow that displays the program and file names
URL the standard used to identify files on the internet and WWW using the type of server, the host name the computer the file is on
vortal portalsthat are dedicated to one specific topic
web page editor a program used to write and edit HTML code
WWW an internet service that links multimedia documents together using hypertext
WYSIWYG WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET. Refers to any technology that enables you to see images on screen exactly as they will appear when printed out
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