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Computer Hardware

BTC 19.1 Jarod Shulista

An electronic device that accepts, processes,stores, and outputs data at high speeds, based on prgrammed instructions Computer
a small computer that is intended to be used by one person Personal Computer
A personal computer that is small enough to fit in an individual workspace Desktop Computer
To couple or to contact Linked
A fast, powerful computer with a large storage capacity Mainframe
A well-organized computer workstation is important for both business and home use Ergonomics
The process of learning online E-learning
The physical components of a computer system Hardware
microprocessor, memory, input and output devices Elements
A small computer chip Microprocessor
hardware that stores information for instant retrieval and processing Memory
holds all the data and insturctions required during operations RAM
Lacking a definate plan Random
Hardware that is used for entering data into a machine Input Device
Hardware That is used for producing results Output Device
Requires at least 40 hours of work every week Full-Time Job
Work that people engage in to earn pay Job or Occupation
Work history of one or more jobs in the same or related fields of intrest Career
Follow (someone or something) to catch or attack them. Pursuing
Your favorite activities Intrests
What you belive to be important Values
Proficiency for performing a task that is developed through skill or talent Skill
A natural or acquired skil or talent Ability
your potential for learning a skill Aptitude
The set of characteristics that make someone special Personality
In or to a foreign country, esp. one across the sea Overseas
By way of; through: "they can see the artists' works via a camera hookup Via
Able to adjust to new conditions Adaptable
Created by: jarod_shulista