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What function is used to round off numbers to a specified number of decimal points? ROUND
Column, pie and bar are types of...... charts
What function is used to count how many numbers are in a list? count
The bar across the top of an Excel screen is called the.... ribbon
what is the default file name extension of an excel file xlsx
A cell reference can be relative, or mixed or ... absolute
What F fumction do you use to insert an absolute reference F4
What does the C in CSV formatted file stand for? comma
What function is used to count empty cells within a cell range? countblank
What are home, Insert and Page layout examples of tabs
What do all formula begin with? equal sign
When using excel an item such as B12:H12 is known as a.... range
What function is used to return the minimum number from a list? MIN
What function is used to add the contents of selected cells SUM
What function is used to return the maximum number from a list? MAX
Within a formula the + and * are examples of... operators
What function is used to determine the average value of the selected cells contents? AVERAGE
What function is used to count the number of cells that are not empty. COUNTA
What function word allows you to calculate the number of data points that meet a defined criteria COUNTIF
Created by: Julia Garner