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stem lists #2

this will help you study your stems

ante antesedent before
anti antidote against
archy anarchy government
ard coward always
aqua aquamarine water
audi audible hear
auto autobiography self
ad adhesive to
anthropo anthropology man
bi bicycle two
bell rebel war
bio biology life
biblio bibliography book
circum circumfrance go around
com common together
con contain together
cide suiside kill
cap capture take
cise desisive cut
cred incredible believe
cent century one hundred
cede procede go
centri concetric center
de devoid down
dis dismound away
dict dictate say
equi equinox equal
extra extravert equal
inter international between
intra intravert within
intro introduce into
ician technician specialist
itis arthritis infection
logy biology science
mal malfoy bad
mis misfire bad
miss missile send
non nonfiction not
neo neonatal new
post postest after
pre pretest before
port teleport carry
semi semifinals half
sub subway under
super superior over
syn synonym together
sym symbol together
scrib scribble write
tri tricycle three
un undress not
duct conduct Lead
Ex exit Out
Fer transfer Carry
Homo homosexual Same
Hydro hydrophobia Water
Hypodermic Under
Hema hematoma Blood
Micro microbead Small
Mono monocular One
Neuro neurology Nerve
Omni omnivore All
Pend pendulum Hang
Photo photosynthesis Light
Pan pandemic All
Penta pentagon Five
Pseudo pseudopod False
Poly polygon Many
Proto prototype First
Phon phonemic Sound
spec spectacles look
re retake again
tele telephone far
tomy "cut tomy with my scissors" cut
vid video look
viv vivid life
amphi amphibian bith
bene benefit good
corp corpse body
dorm dormitory sleep
dox orthodox opinion
eu eulogy good
endo endoskeleton within
ject eject throw
loco location place
morph polymorph shape
magn magnificent great
matri matron mother
mega megamind large
nov renovate new
ortho orthodonist straight
pond pound weight
pater paternity father
punct punctuate point
phobia hydrophobia fear of
pot compute think
pop populate people
sangui sanguiary blood
tion creation act/state
vest vest clothes
ver vertify true
Created by: doodlebunneh