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e8 u1

unit 1 information for e8

What is the proper definition for a parallel episode? The repetition of plot events in a single story.
The proper definition of setting include what 2 key elements? Time & Place
What does impromptu mean? unplanned
What does ominous mean? threatening
What does incredulity mean? the quality of believing too quickly
What does misled mean? led to believe something untrue
What is the proper definition for climax? The point where the conflict has reached an emotional high point, and the characters will solve the conflict or not.
The story, The Monkey’s Paw, was written by: William Jacobs
The story, Flowers for Algernon, was written by: Daniel Keyes
The story, The Inn of Lost Time, was written by: Lensey Namioka
The story, The Treasure of Lemon Brown, was written by: Walter Dean Myers
The story, Those Three Wishes, was written by: Judith Gorog
The story, Aunty Misery, was written by: Judith Ortiz Cofer
In which story does the parallel episode of ‘wishmaking’ occur? Those Three Wishes, Aunty Misery, & The Monkey's Paw
What is the name of the teacher that Charlie has a crush on in Flowers for Algernon? Ms. Kinnian
What does la Tia Miseria mean? Aunty Misery
What is the name of the son of the Whites in The Monkey’s Paw? Herbert
In The Inn of Lost Time, Zenta tells a story about a trip with a former master of his. What is the master’s name? Tokubei
Beside some newspaper clippings, what is in the treasure in the story, The Treasure of Lemon Brown? an old harmonica
What does Melinda Alice do when she discovers an unusual snail on her way to school in Those Three Wishes? She almost steps on it, but then she talks to it and waits for it to get off of the sidewalk
What is the proper definition for exposition? The beginning of the story where the reader is introduced to the situation of the story.
Which of the authors was married to a Japanese man? Lensey Namioka
Which author was born in New York and says the he is “fascinated by the complexities of the human mind.” Daniel Keyes
Which author grew up in London, England and lived near the River Thames? William Jacobs
Which of the authors had a father in the U.S. Navy? Cofer
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