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BOC Urinalysis

Other Body Fluids

To avoid falsely elevated spinal fluid cell counts: select an aliquot from the last tube collected
To prepare the reagent used for mucin clot determination of synovial fluid, water is mixed with: glacial acetic acid
False-positive results can occur for fecal occult blood due to the ingestion of: horseradish
The chromogen for the fecal occult blood test is: gum guaiac
A build up of fluid in a body cavity is called: an effusion
Ascites is collected by: paracentesis
Amniotic fluid is tested for the concentration of lamellar bodies. This test determines: fetal lung maturity (FLM)
Amniocentesis should be performed to: to confirm a high maternal serum alpha-fetoprotein (MSAFP)
A sweat chloride > 60 mEq/L (60 mmol/L) is indicative of: cystic fibrosis
The most common genetic defect associated with cystic fibrosis is called: delta-F508
A CSF was collected from a 5 year old with fever, and 3 tubes were transported to the lab. Tube1=50,000 RBC/mL and 48 WBC/mL. Tube 3=10 RBC/mL and 0 WBC/mL. What is the most likely explanation for the discrepancy? traumatic tap
The appearance of normal CSF is: colorless and clear
A CSF was hazy and the WBC was too high to perform undiluted. The technologist took 50 mL of sample and added 500mL saline. The cell count on the dilutd sample was 200 WBC/mL. This should be multiplied by: 11
The finding of hemosiderin laden macrophage in a CSF sample indicates: previous hemorrhage
Which of the following is the best indicator of Reye syndrome for CSF (hepatic encephalopathy)? glutamine
The tau isoform of transferrin is a carbohydrate deficient protein found only in: CSF
Which marker can be used to identify a body fluid as semen? PSA
Which stain is used to measure sperm viability? eosin nigrosin
The demensions of a hemacytometer are: 3 x 3 x 0.1 mm
Rapid forward progression of sperm is rated as: 4.0
Pilocarpine iontophoresis refers to the specific process of Inducing sweat
Methods used as screening tests for cystic fibrosis include: sweat conductivity
Which pair does not match with respect to amniotic fluid? dark green- hemolytic disease of the newborn
Amniotic fluid is evaluated using a Liley graph and change in absorbance at 450 nm. What is being evaluated, and why? bilirubin, which increased in HDN
Peritoneal lavage is used to: detect intra-abdominal bleeding in blunt injury
Tumor markers that can be measured on body fluid include all except: ANA
Which semen result is abnormal? motility of 1.0
Increased CSF lactate is found in: bacterial meningitis
Decreased CSF protein can be found in: CSF leakage
What calculation id used to determine if there is a breach in the blood-brain barrier? CSF/serum albumin index
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