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King Arthur-2nd 1/2

KA review for 9 weeks

Who caused the Downfall of Logres? Lancelot and Guinevere because they loved each other
Who predicted the Downfall of Logres? Merlin
What is Guinevere's punishment for loving Lancelot? to be burned at the stake because she has committed treason
Who leaves Camelot because of his great sin? Lancelot
What is the main item of the Holy Grail? The cup
What 2 knights cannot look at the Holy Grail? Lancelot and Mordred (also Hector)
Who brought the Holy Grail to Britain? Joseph of Arimethea
How was Lancelot injured and who heals him? He ran away from Elaine through the woods; Naciens healed him.
Who healed King Pelles, how did he heal him and what happened after he was healed? Galahad; drops of blood dripped into his wound from the Holy Spear; King Pelles died
Who is Percivale's sister and what happens to her? Dindrane dies after giving her blood to the Lady of the Castle
What are 3 roles of Elaine? Pelle's daughter; Galahad's mother; Lancelot's wife (through trickery by Bryson-who was trained by Morgana)
Grail Maiden who marries Percivale? Blanchefleur
What happened to Excalibur? Bedivere threw it into the lake (but it took him 3 tries to do it-and he lied to King Arthur about it)
When Bedivere finally threw Excalibur into the lake, what happened? An arm and hand raised up out of the water and caught it, then took it under the water
Who is the divine hermit of Carbonek and the keeper of the Holy Grail? Naciens
Who are the 3 knights sailing toward Carbonek in search of the Holy Grail? Percivale, Sir Bors and Galahad
What is the area around the Castle of Carbonek called and why is it called that? the Waste Lands because of the Dolorous Stroke made there by Balyn when he struck King Pelles
Who rescued Guinevere when she was about to burn at the stake? Lancelot
Who did Lancelot kill when he was rescuing Guinevere? Gaheris and Gareth
What happened to Guinevere after she was rescued? She went to a nunnery, and then died
What 2 knights tell Arthur not to battle Mordred? Gawain and Lucan
What happened to start the battle between Mordred and Arthur? the flash of a sword as a knight was killing an adder
Who trained Galahad to be a knight? Naciens
Who made Galahad a knight? Lancelot
What does Galahad's shield look like and what was used to make the markings? a cross made by using the blood of Joseph of Arimethea
What did Melyas find deep in the forest when he takes the left fork in the road? and what did he do with it? a crown; he did not keep it
What is the custom of the castle? Every maid must fill the cup with blood from her right arm
What are knights allowed to eat and drink when they are on the quest for the Holy Grail? Bread and water
Who became the royalty of Carbonek? Percivale and Blanchefleur
How long did the Quest for the Holy Grail last? 2 years
Who spies on Lancelot and Guinevere in the garden? Mordred and Agravain
Who tells his brother, Agravain, to stop talking about Guinevere and King Arthur? Gawain
Why is Guinevere guilty of treason? She was unfaithful to her husband, King Arthur, by loving another man (Lancelot)
What happens to Gawain in the end, and what is his last action? He writes a letter to Lancelot asking his forgiveness; he dies
What happened to Lancelot's army? Bors de Gannis sent them back to France
How did Lancelot know that Guinevere had died? She called out to him in a dream; he went with the monks to see if it was true the next day and it was
What were Arthur's last words to Bedivere? That he would return when Britain needed him.
What happened to Galahad after he died? His soul went to heaven with the Holy Grail.
What happens to Gawain? He dies later from a wound received earlier by Lancelot.
Who does Lancelot accidentally kill when he is rescuing Guinevere? Gareth and Gaheris
Where had Arthur gone when Mordred was ruling in his place? to fight in France
Who takes over Britain when Arthur really dies? Constantine Duke of Cornwall
What did Gawain say to Lancelot at the end? how was it delivered? in a letter, said that he (Gawain) was dieing
What are the 3 things Lancelot did that were wrong? Robbed Arthur of his wife; broke the bond of the Round Table; killed some of Arthur's knights
What could have been the reason that Arthur said Guinevere must die at the stake, rather than being beheaded? Arthur was hopeful that Lancelot would rescue her so she would not die.
Created by: mtnbrook