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Flight Controls

Flight Controls and Structures Yellow Team

What flight control rotates the aircraft around it's vertical axis? The rudder
What changes the camber of the wing and increases both its lift and drag for the given angle of attack The flaps
Name the 2 types of landing gear Fixed and retractable
What are the five aircraft stresses? Tension, Compression, Torsion, Sheer and Bending
In a constant speed, single engine prop governor, where does the oil flow when it's in an overspeed condition? The prop hub
What are the 3 different styles of aircraft wing attachments? Bolt-on, Cantilever, Semi-cantilever
What flight control rotates an aircraft around the longitudinal axis? Ailerons
The connecting rod is the link between which two parts of the engine? Piston and Crankshaft
How is flutter reduced? 1. Increasing the stiffness of the flight structure 2. Keeping flight control cables tight
What is the servo tab used for? The servo tab is used on large aircraft when the control forces are too great for the pilot to manually move.
What flight control rotates the aircraft about the lateral axis? Elevator
What is the difference between a "balance tab" and an "anti-balance tab"? "balance tab"-any tab that reduces pilot effort "anti-balance tab"- any tab that increases pilot effort
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