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Fuel Systems

Fuel and Fuel Metering Green team

In a Fuel Injection system, what two parts distrubute fuel to the cylinders. flow divider ("spider") and air bleed nozzles
What is the basic purpose of adjusting the fuel/air mixture at altitude? To decrease the fuel flow in order to compensate for the decreased air density so that the proper fuel/air ratio is maintained.
A Turbocharger pressurizes the air into the engine using a mechanism driven by_________ . Exhaust gases
Name two types of abnormal combustion. Detonation and pre-ignition
How do reciprocating aircraft engines depend for internal cooling? Circulation of lubricating oil
If the grade of fuel recommended is not available, what other grade of fuel can be replaced? The next higher Octane aviation gas
What is one advantage of a fuel-injection system over a gravity-feed fuel system? Fuel-injection systems are not susceptible to carburetor icing
What does the ignition system do? Provides a spark that ignites the fuel/air mixture in the cylinders.
What are the two different types of fuel systems found on small airplanes? Fuel-pump system and Gravity Feed
What color is 100LL fuel? Blue
What is the purpose of the fuel selector valve? It allows you to select fuel from various tanks
When carburetor heat is applied to an aircraft reciprocating engine, what happens to the air-fuel ratio? It becomes richer
What 2 types of fuel can be used in the Cirrus, and what are the colors of the fuel? 100 octaine green, or 100LL blue
What are the two types of fuel tanks for light aircraft? Bladder & Integral
What 3 things are fuel selector valves used for. choose fuel, shut off fuel flow, transfer fuel.
Which's part of aircraft fuel system does the water in fuel cause icing? Boost pump screens and low pressure filters.
what's characteristic of the viscosity of the fuel to contamination? The higher the viscosity of the fuel, the greater it's ability to hold contaminants in suspension.
The speed of the turbocharger is controlled by a Wastegate
What is the density of avgas at 15°C 6.02 Ib/US
What is the fuel strainer used for? Removes moisture and other sediments that might be in the system
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