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Reciprocating Engine

Internal Combustion Engines

In ft-lb per second, what is one horsepower? 550 ft-lb per second.
What is the equation for piston displacement? V=A*H
What is Cylinder Compression Ratio? Comparison of volume TDC and BDC
what ignites the fuel/air mixture? the spark plug
What is the stroke? Distance from Top Dead Center to Bottom Dead Center.
What is in the mixture that is ignited in the cylinder? Fuel and air.
What stroke-cycle is most used in aircraft? Four- Stroke Cycle.
what type of horsepower does the engine make before any other factors withdraw power brake horsepower
What is the optimal air to fuel mixture ratio? 15 to 1
what are the five events of the otto cycle? induction, compression, ignition, power, exhaust
What does it mean if exhaust gases are blue? Oil is burning in cylinders
What is Manifold Pressure? The average absolute pressure of the air or fuel/air charge in the intake manifold and is measured in units of inches of mercury(Hg).
Who built the first successful Piston Engine working on a four stroke cycle in 1876? Dr. N A Otto
what are the advantages of fuel Injection? 1) No throttle plate ice 2)Uniform delivery of mixture to cylinders 3)More efficient than carburetors
Greater piston displacement equals Greater maximum HP an engine can develop.
spark plug ignites fuel mixture by means of a spark
What is Pre-Ignition? Fuel/Air mixture is ignited in advance of the normal timed ignition
What is the most common internal combustion system? Four stroke
What is the order or a four-stroke cycle? 1, 3, 2, 4
1. An internal combustion engine is an engine in which mechanical energy is produced by combustion
What are the strokes of a four-stroke engine? Intake, Compression, Power, Exhaust
What is Detonation? Fuel/Air mixture detonates after a normal timed ignition and explodes instead of burning smoothly.
What are the functions of the carburetor? Vaporizes Gas to the cylinder using a venturi. Meter fuel air mixture.
The 4 purposes of the piston are to Draw in fuel, Compress Mixture, Transfer power and Expel exhaust.
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