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Prop Governing

Prop Governors Blue Team

Blades are twisted to optimize the performance of the propeller based on of the propeller based on variable operating conditions
The propeller blade is an airfoil which propels the airplane through the air by converting the rotating power of the engine into thrust
Propellers are classified according to pitch configuration.
is the angle of the blades with relation to the plane of rotation and is a significant variable affecting the Pitch
a one-piece prop with a single fixed blade angle. The pitch (blade angle) must be high enough to offer good cruising performance yet low enough to achieve acceptable takeoff and climb characteristics. Fixed Pitch
a prop which allows the adjustment of blades to any desired angle during flight. Controllable Pitch
a prop used with a governor, that automatically provides constant RPM by counteracting the forces acting on the propeller to change the blade angle within a preset range. Constant Speed
a prop which allows blades to be rotated to a high positive angle to stop rotation (windmilling) after an engine is shut Full Feathering
The propeller blade is an airfoil which propels the airplane through the air by converting the rotating power of the engine into the airplane through the air by converting the rotating power of the engine into thrust.
a device, generally mounted on and driven by the engine, which senses and controls engine speed (RPM) by hydraulically adjusting the blade angle of the propeller. Prop Governor
Pitch is changed Hydraulically using engine oil
A full-feathering propeller system is normally used only on t only on a multi-engine aircraft
The _________change the position of the pilot valve by utilizing centrifugal force Flyweights
When engine RPM is slower than the propeller control setting, the speeder spring holds the pilot valve down and oil flows to the propeller in a full-feathering system and from the propeller in a constant-speed system. True
If an engine failed on the multiengine engine aircraft with a constant speed propeller to what angle of attack would the propeller go to? full feathered
What position are the flyweights in the prop governor when the blade is moving toward high pitch? overspeed position, flyweights are slung outward
Name the 2 types of prop governors: full feathering and constant speed
How much complex aircraft time do you need before taking your commercial pilot check ride? 10 Hours
What is the purpose of the oil pump within the prop governor? Boost oil pressure
The pitch of a constant speed propeller is changed though? Hydraulically actuated with oil pressure.
In a full feathering prop governor the oil flows to the _________in the overspeed condition. To the engine sump
The flyweights and speed spring with in the governor control________ of the _________. Position of the pilot valve.
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