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Formatting And edit

Words about parts of computers

Alignment The way multiple lines of text up along the left, right, or both margins.
Bullets and Numbering A processing feature used to arrange items in a list with each item beginning with a bullet or number.
Center Align The alignmet of text between both margins, leaving a jagged left and right margin.
Clipboard The temporary storage location for text or graphics that have been cut or copied.
Copy The word processing feature allows text or graphis to be copied to another location within a document.
Cursor The on-screen blinking character that shows where the next character will appear.
Cut The word processing feature that removes text or graphis from the current location in a document.
Double Space When 1 blank line is left between lines of text; striking the Enter key 2 times
Editing The process of updating a document to make changes, correct errors, and make it visually appealing.
Font A specific design for a collection of letters, numbers, and symbols
Footer Allows you to type informating below the bottom margin of each page of a document.
Formatting The wat text appears, for example: bold, underline, all caps, with color.
Function Keys Allow you to quickly acces frequently used functions.
Grammar Check The word processing feature that checks selected words in a document for grammatical errors
Header Allows you to type information above the top margin of each page of a document.
Horizontal Centering When text is centered between the left and right margins, commonly used when creating invitations, announcements, and title pages.
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