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Chapter 2 CAYF

Inside the System Unit

Bit A single circuit that either contains a current or does not.
Binary Digits of 0 and 1 are used as a means of representing the off/on state of a computer switch, or bit.
Binary Number Computers use a series of circuits whose pattern of off/on current is converted into strings of binary digits.
Kilobyte (KB) one thousand per bytes
Megabyte (MB)one million per bytes
Gigabyte (GB)one billion per bytes
Terabyte (TB) one trillion per bytes
System Unit boxlike case that comes in a cariety of shapes ans sizes and houses the computer's main hardware components.
Footprint is the amount of space used by the device
Tower case a system unit case designed to sit on the floor next to a desk.
Minitower case a smaller version of the tower casethat has less internal room for components.
Form Factor is a specification for how internal components, such as the mother board are mounted inside the system unit.
expansion slots receptacles that accept additional circuit boards or expansion cards.
Motherboard is a large flat piece of plastic of fiberglass that contains thousands of electrical circuits ethced onto the board's surface.
Transistor is an electronic switch (or gate) that controls the flow of electrical signals through the circuit.
System clock is an electronic circuit that generates rapid pulses to syncronize the computers internal activities.
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