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interpreting medical

Medical Terminology

crani pretaining to the skull
dys difficult, painful, bad
otomy cutting into
uria urine
hyster uterous
ectomy surgical removal
hemo blood
toxic poison
peri around
card, cardi heart
itis inflammation
leuko white
cyte cell
chole gallbladder
cyst bladder, bag, sac
tachy rapid, fast
neur nerve, nervous system
algia pain
poly many, much
cyt cell
emia blood
gastro stomach
bardy slow
mening membranes of the brain and spinal chord
ologist therapist
dermat skin
pathy disease
neo new
py pus
hydro water
cele swelling
gernot elderly
ology study
plegia lower half of the body
para paralysis
osteo bone
malacia tissue softening
electro electrical
encephalo brain
graph recording
caracin cancer
oma tumor
procto rectum
scope tool to examine
craniotomy cutting into skull
dysuria painful urination
hysterectomy surgical removal of the uterous
hemotoxic blood poisoning
pericarditis inflammation around the heart
leukocyte white cell
cholecystitis inflammation around the gallbladder
tachycardia fast or rapid heart
neuralgia nerve pain
polycytemia many blood cells
bradycardia slow heart
gastrectomy surgical removal of the stomach
meningitis inflammation of the membranes of the brain and spinal chord
neopathy new disease
dermatologist skin therapist
proctoscope tool of examining the rectum
caricinoma cancerous tumor
electroencephalograph electrical brain recording
osteomalacia bone softening tissue
paraplegia paralysis of the lower body
pyuria pus urine
acromegaly large extremities
gerontology study of the elderly
dysphasia painful or difficult swallowing
hydrocele water swelling
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