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CT Famous People

Francois I favorite activity was hunting
Vincent Van Gogh artist who cut off ear
Picasso born in Spain
Auguste Rodin sculpted Le Penseur
Louis Pasteur invented pasteurization
Marie Antoinette said "let them eat cake"
Louis Bleriot flew over the English Channel
Marie and Pierre Curie won the Nobel Prize for physics in 1903
Joseph and Etienne Montgolfier built the hot air balloon
Debussy composer
Eddy Merckx Belgian bicyclist
Grace Kelly American film star before she married Prince Rainier
Paul Verlaine wrote poetry
Andre Gide wrote during the 20th century
Yul Brynner American film star who lived in Normandy
Brigitte Bardot film star
Rene Descartes Writer, philosopher, mathematician
Coco Chanel Fashion designer
George Sand Female novelist
Henri Langlois film collector
Jacques-Yves Cousteau leading explorer of sea life?
Degas Sculpted after he became blind
Saint Christopher patron saint of travelers
Jacques Cartier explored in Canada
Lemercier, Mansart, and Le 'Vau Architects
the La Nain brothers Architects
Mme de la Voison executed for poisoning
St. Exupery Disappeared on a WWII mission
Captain Dreyfus? Jewish
Jules Verne wrote 20,000 Leagues under the Sea
Louis Renault? founder of an automobile company
Napoleon Died in St. Helena
Victor Hugo romanticism
Robert de Sorbon founded la Sorbonne (a university)
Picasso painted Guernica
Denis Papin invented the steam boat
Marie Antoinette Austrian
Henri Desgranges started the Tour de France
Herve Villechaise starred in Fantasy Island
La Goulue danced in Moulin Rouge
Edgar Degas painted ballet dancers and horse races?
Albert Camus wrote "The Stranger"?
Louis Jourdan Actor
Camus wrote in the 20th century
Joan of Ark led the French in the Hundred Year's War
Joan of Ark the Maid of Orleans
Idefix Asterix's dog
Babar? An elephant
Louis XVI Marie Antoinette's husband
Asterix A cartoon character
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