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French Greetings for Ms.Bowerman

resume list
non de plume fake name
cul de sac dead end street
genre catagory
petite small
ballet form of a dance
a la mode severed with ice cream
deja vu been there before
rendez vous date
forte strong
RSVP lets us know you're coming
cuisne style of food
queue line or lined up
Banal ordinary
melange mixture
en route on the way
connisseur knowledge
creche chrismas deceration
debut day view
repitore list of abilltes
faux pas social mistake
bete noire nightmare
gauche left handed/eqward
demi-tasse miniature cup for espresso
sabotage ruin or destroy
detente time of peace
fiance or fiancee someone your're about to marry
lieu instead of
Created by: ChaunceyB.