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Oct 10 WD1 Sa

Dynamic HTML (DHTML) an unbrella term that describes the combination of HTML, script,syles, and document object model (DOM) to provides web pag interactivity
event handler
application programming interface (API) a set of universal commands calls and functions that allows developers to communicate with an application or operating
canvas an HTMLS5 application programming interface (API) used for rendering visual images on the fly by providding scripts with a bitmap canvas
on the fly dynamically created web page contect as opposed to pre-defined static content
offline web application permtis the user to continue working with web sites and wb documents even when a network connection is unavailable
application cache a directory on a computer where applications, such as internet apps, can be stored and run without access to the orignal application
manifest a list of the files that are needed for the web applicatin to work offline
geolocaation the ability to determine a users location. web sites can use this information to enhance the user experience and provide location based services
Created by: ash.sa2