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Gumm Charlotte 1-6 Q

Charlotte Doyle Vocab 1-6 Quiz

Swoon to faint; lose consciousness
Gangplank flat plank or small moveable bridge
Presumptuous bold; forward
Decrepit weakened by old age
Trepidation fear, alarm, or aggravation
Loathsome disgusting, revolting, repulsive
Garb wearing apparel, clothes
Indignation strong displeasure at something considered unjust or offensive
Impertinence irrelevance, inappropriateness, or absurdity
Shimmying to shake or to wobble
Apprehensive uneasy or fearful about something that might happen
Menacing to serve as a threat to
Deputized to act as deputy
Ire intense anger, wrath
Wretched despicable or mean
Deliberation careful consideration before decision.
succumb to give up
Quay A wharf or reinforced bank where ships are loaded or unloaded
Chastened restrain
Bulwarks A solid wall enclosing the perimeter of a weather or main deck for the protection of persons or objects on deck
Doleful To be sorrowful, mournful, or melancholy
Sardonically To mock, sneer, or be cynical
Dirk A dagger
Perpetual Continuing or enduring forever, everlasting
Hangdog Browbeaten, defeated, intimidated
Gesticulated To make or use gestures
Permeate To pass into or through every part of
Reprieve Temporary relief
Bulkhead wall-like constructions inside a vessel, as for forming watertight compartments, subdividing space,
Contempt Mean, Vile, Worthless
Countenance Calm facial expression
Perception to restrain; subdue
Loomed Characterized by bitter or scornful derision, mocking, cynical, sneering
Vexation State of being vexed, irritated
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