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Kick - Richardson

Kick-Mrs. Richardson

Who's father was killed in the line of duty as a police officer? Kevin Johnson
Which police officer came to visit Kevin in Juvenile detention? Sergeant Jerry Brown
What position in soccer does Kevin Johnson tell the Officer that he plays? Striker
Which family members came to visit Kevin in jail? His mom and his grandma (Abuela)
What did Coach Hill say was the reason that the guys from Latin America were so good at soccer? They played in the streets with their friends every chance they got. By playing the game, you get conditioning,skills, and awareness.
What was McNamara interviewed by the police for years before? Underpaying and taking advantage of illegal immigrants
Why was Kevin thrown out of the state soccer game? He was fighting another player (defending a teammate)
Where did Officer Brown take Kevin to try get more answers out of him? (it was after the 3rd round of the state tournament) To the state physical test that qualifies you for the state police dept
When Kevin finally tells the real story to Officer Brown, he indicates that Christy's mother is suffering from what illness? Depression
Kevin indicates to Officer Brown, that Christy's Father does what to Christy's mother? Yells and pushes her around b/c he is so frustrated with the mother's depression
What does Kevin tell Officer Brown about Christy that really freaked Kevin out? That Christy wanted to kill herself b/c of the situation with her family
What did McNamara call Officer Brown for when he got home from the dinner? McNamara wanted the number to the mental health clinic for his wife
What did Christy call to tell Kevin the day after the dinner? That her dad was not going to press charges against Kevin
Who's kick hit the goal post and bounced out on the penalty shot which resulted in losing the state championship game? Kevin's kick
Created by: msteimer