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Opp Moulds Part 2

Mod 1 Lec 3

Aspergillus spp. Rapid growth (3 days), grows well at 45C
Aspergillus spp. Macro First white then yellow, green, brown or black
Aspergillus spp. Micro Septate hyphae; unbranched conidiophore from "foot cell"; vesicles; phialides cover entire surface (radiate) or only partially (columnar); phialides either uniseriate or biseriate with at metula; conidia in radial chains
Zygomycetes Rapid growth; more tissue damage, almost always fatal; "lid lifters", can fill plate in 24 to 48 hours
Zygomycetes Differentiation Presence or absence and location of rhizoids; branched or unbranched sproangiophore; size and shape of sproangium
Mucor spp. Macro Many don't grow at 37C; rapid growth, fluffy, white becoming grayish brown, reverse white
Mucor spp. Micro Aseptate or sparsely septate, broad hyphae; sproangiophores long and branched with terminal sproangia; NO Rhizoids
Rhizopus spp. Macro Grow very rapidly, cotton-candy white initially and turn grey to yellowish-brown, reverse white; pathogenic species can grow well at 37C
Rhizopus spp. Micro Broad, aseptate hyphae, long unbranched sproangiophores, Rhizoids are produced
Rhizomucor spp. Macro Similar to Mucor
Rhizomucor spp. Micro Short rhizoids and branched sproangiophores; intermediate to Mucor and Rhizopus
Absidia spp. Macro Rapid growth, woolly to cottony, olive to gray colonies, reverse is uncolored
Absidia spp. Micro Broad aseptate hyphae, sporangiophores are branched and arise in groups of 2-5; sproangiospores are one-celled and round to oval
Cunninghamella spp. Micro Rapidly growing, cottony, white to tannish-gray, reverse is pale
Cunninghamella spp. Macro Aseptate or sparsely septate broad hyphae; sporangiophores long and branched; vesicles; sporangiophores are erect and form short lateral branches that terminate in a swollen vesicle
Created by: blackicecreamcat