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Ab ch2 stack 1

administrator account administrator account In Windows 2000/XP/Vista, an account that grants to the administrator(s) rights and permissions to all hardware and software resources, such as the right to add, delete, and change accounts and to change hardware configurations.
Aero user interface Aero user interface The Vista 3D user interface. Also called Aero glass.
backward compatible backward compatible A technology, software, or device that works with older or legacy technologies, software, or devices.
Briefcase Briefcase A system folder in Windows 9x/Me that is used to synchronize files between two computers.
command prompt command prompt A Windows utility that is used to enter multiple commands to perform a variety of tasks.
Compressed Folder Compressed Folder A folder with a .zip extension that contains compressed files. When files are put in the folder, they are compressed. When files are moved to a regular folder, the files are decompressed.
desktop desktop The initial screen that is displayed when an OS has a GUI interface loaded.
device driver device driver A program stored on the hard drive that tells the computer how to communicate with a hardware device such as a printer or modem.
distribution distribution Any version of Linux.
dual boot dual boot The ability to boot using either of two different OSs, such as Windows XP and Windows Vista.
elevated command prompt window elevated command prompt window The ability to boot using either of two different OSs, such as Windows XP and Windows Vista.
executive executive In Windows 2000/XP/Vista, a group of components running in kernel mode that interfaces between the subsystems in user mode and the HAL.
file attribute file attribute The properties assigned to a file. Examples of file attributes are read–only and hidden status.
file extension file extension A portion of the name of a file that is used to identify the file type. In command lines, the file extension follows the filename and is separated from it by a period. For example, Msd.exe, where exe is the file extension.
Created by: Abenitez96
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