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Irreg. from Fr. 3 yr

Irregular verb meanings from French Three Years, second edition

annoncer to announce
prononcer to pronounce
avancer to advance; be fast (clock)
commencer to begin
effacer to erase
lancer to throw, launch
menacer to threaten
placer to place, set
remplacer to replace
renoncer (à) to give up, renounce
voyager to travel
arranger to arrange
ranger to put away, put in order
changer to change
corriger to correct
déménager to move (to another residence)
déranger to disturb
Ça ne me dérange pas. That doesn't bother me.
diriger to direct
exiger to require
manger to eat
nager to swim
neiger to snow
obliger to oblige
partager to share
plonger to plunge, dive
songer (à) to think of, daydream
employer to use
ennuyer to bore, bother
essuyer to wipe
nettoyer to clean
renvoyer to fire, send back, postpone
essayer to try
mener to lead
acheter to buy
achever to complete
amener to bring (people)
élever to bring up, raise
emmener to lead away, take away
Emmenez-le! Take him away! (formal)
Emmenez-la! Take her away! (formal)
enlever to remove, take off
geler to freeze
lever to raise, lift
peser to weigh
promener to walk (as in a dog)
appeler to call
jeter to throw
épeler to spell
feuilleter to leaf through
projeter to project
rappeler to recall, remind
rejeter to reject
renouveler to renew
espérer to hope
célébrer to celebrate
compléter to complete
interpréter to interpret
posséder to possess, own
préférer to prefer
protéger to protect
répéter to repeat, rehearse
révéler to reveal
créer to create
aller to go
asseoir to seat
avoir to have
battre to beat
abattre to knock down
combattre to fight
boire to drink
conduire to lead, drive
construire to construct
instruire to instruct
produire to produce
traduire to translate
connaître to know (people and places)
disparaître to disappear
paraître to appear
reconnaître to recognize
courir to run
craindre to fear
atteindre to reach, attain
éteindre to extinguish, turn off
joindre to join (two things)
peindre to paint
plaindre to pity
croire to believe
cueillir to pick (plants)
accueillir to welcome
recueillir to collect
devoir to owe; to have to
dire to say, tell
interdire to forbid
dormir to sleep
endormir to put someone to sleep
sentir to feel; to smell
mentir to lie
servir to serve
partir to go away, leave
sortir to go out
écrire to write
décrire to describe
inscrire to enroll, register
être to be
faire to do, make
falloir to be necessary
lire to read
relire to reread
mettre to put, place
admettre to admit
permettre to permit
promettre to promise
remettre to put back; to postpone
mourir to die
ouvrir to open
couvrir to cover
découvrir to discover; to uncover
offrir to offer
souffrir to suffer
plaire to please
pleuvoir to rain
pouvoir to be able; can
prendre to take
apprendre to learn
reprendre to take back
comprendre to understand
surprendre to surprise
recevoir to receive
apercevoir to perceive, notice
concevoir to conceive
rire to laugh
sourire to smile
savoir to know (facts, how to do something)
suivre to follow
poursuivre to pursue, chase
taire to hush up, conceal
tenir to hold
appartenir (à) to belong to
obtenir to obtain
retenir to hold back
retenir son souffle to hold one's breath
valoir to be worth
Ça vaut la peine. It's worth the trouble.
venir to come
devenir to become
revenir to come back
vivre to live
survivre to survive
voir to see
revoir to see again
vouloir to want
Created by: Fournierm