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Hem1 Chp9 test DelTe

For test in Hematology 1 DelTech Owens campus chapter 9 through 11 and 16

What is the main function of RBCs? To deliver oxygen.
You need what kind of iron in your body so your RBCs can transport oxygen? Fe 2+
What pathway assists in maintaining Fe 2? Methemoglobin reductase pathway
Glucose is required to generate __. ATP
Glucose enters the erythrocyte by __ __ __. Facilitated membrane transport
When we are born, are bones have only __ marrow. red
When does yellow marrow begin to replace the red marrow in the long bones of extremities? 5th to 7th year
Adult hematopoietic tissue is limited to the __ skeleton and the __ portions of the extremities. axial, proximal
Bone marrow sampling will depend on the __ of the patient. age
The __ crest is a source of red marrow in adults. iliac
What is the favored site for obtaining bone marrow aspirate and core biopsy specimen? Posterior iliac crest
A bone marrow needle is technically called a __ __. jamshidi needle
Iron is absorbed in the __ and the __. duodinum, jejunum (both are sections of the small intestine)
What is a carrier protein for iron which goes to hematopoietic tissue? Transferrin (iron enters circulation bound to transferrin)
Some iron is temporarily stored as __. Ferritin
What are the 3 principal regulators of iron? transferrin, transferrin receptor, ferritin
What are the 3 regulators regulated by? Iron-responsive element binding protein (IRE-BP)
What is transferrin called when there is no iron attached? apoferritin
Where is transferrin produced? the liver
Iron stored in degraded Ferritin is called __. Hemosiderin. (The iron within deposits of hemosiderin is very poorly available to supply iron when needed.)
In what organs is iron stored? liver, bone marrow, and spleen
What does a measurement of Serum Ferritin indicate? Iron stores in the body
What does a measurement of Serum Iron indicate? Tissue iron supply
What does a measurement of TIBC/transferrin indicate? Tissue iron supply
What does a measurement of bone marrow sideroblast count indicate? Functional iron available
What is the main component of RBCs? Hemoglobin
What gives blood it's red color? Heme
Heme biosynthesis happens where? mitochondria & cytoplasm of erythrocyte precursors (from rubriblast to retics) in the bone marrow.
Mature erythrocytes cannot synthesize __. Heme
What vitamin does heme biosynthesis require? B6
Heme biosynthesis begins with condensation of _ and __. glycine, coenzyme A
During heme biosynthesis, glycine and coenzyme A (CoA) are catalyzed by __ __ synthase to form __. delta ALA synthase, ALA
What plasma protein carries iron to the developing RBCs? Transferrin
Excess iron aggregates in the cytoplasm as __. ferritin
What unites with protoporphyrin 9 to make heme? iron
Iron and protoporphyrin 9 combine in the presence of __ to create heme. ferrochelatase
Excess accumulated iron the nucleated RBC (NRBC) results in a cell called a __. sideroblast
A sideroblast is an anucleated RBC with excess __. iron
The most common combo of chains that form hemoglobin A are __ and __. two alpha, two beta
Hgb A2 contains 2 __ and 2 __ chains. alpha, delta
Hgb F contains 2 __ and 2 __. alpha, gamma
What 2 things combine to form hemoglobin? heme and globin
What oxygen binding heme protein binds oxygen better than hgb? myoglobin
If the oxygen dissociation curve shifts to the left, you need __ oxygen. less oxygen
If the oxygen dissociation curve shifts to the left, alkalyne levels go __. higher
If the oxygen dissociation curve shifts to the right, you need __ oxygen. more
Normally a pO2 of __ mm is needed to saturate 50% of Hgb (P50). 27
An increase in PH level is generally __ (good or bad?) good
What can cause an increase in PH levels? blood transfusion, decreased body temp, Hgb F
A decrease in PH level is generally __ (good or bad?) bad
What can cause a decrease in PH levels? hypoxia, increase in body temp, pulmonary problems, several anemia
Hgb F results in an __ in oxygen saturation and affinity. increase
Methemoglobin is incapable of combining with __. oxygen
Sulfhgb can be __ and contains sulfur. fatal
Cyanmethehemeglobin is used to quantify Hb by reading the color change of blood at __ nm and comparing it with a standard. 540
What does ADP stand for? adenosine diphosphate
What does ATP stand for? adenosine triphosphate
What comes off the Embden-Meyerhof pathway? 2,3-DPG(BPG)
The Methemeglobin reductase pathway maintains __ in the ferrous (Fe 2+) state. iron
The Rapoport pathway is __? part of the glycolytic pathway of human erythrocytesan and an important regulator of the affinity of hemoglobin for oxygen.
Without __, you can't keep oxygen in RBCs. Fe 2+
If the __ __ shunt id deficient, Heinz bodies may result. Hexose Monophosphate shunt
The Leubering-Rapaport shunt permits the accumulation of __. 2,3-DPG
What is essential for maintaining oxygen tension? 2,3-DPG
Anaerobic glycolysis begins with __, a glycolytic enzyme. hexokinase
Anaerobic glycolysis ends with __. Pyruvate kinase
The main physiological functions of the RBC membrane are to maintain cell shape __ for osmotic balance. deformability
The RBC membrane acts as a supporting __ system for surface antigens. skeletal
The peripheral proteins of the RBC membrane are __, __, __, __, and protein __. spectrin, actin, GPD, ankyrin, protein 4 (SAGAP4)
Created by: IsaacJ