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3D design: Midterm

Neighboring colors on the color wheel Analogous
Early renaissance architect that designed the dome for the cathedral of florence brunslleschi
A type of perspective where larger objects are more prominent/larger than less important objects descriptive
art that is based on the simplification, alteration or distortion of the original subject abstract
sculpture process where materials are built up additive
sculpture technique where materials are taken away from the form subtractive
a three dimensional object that has height width and depth form
A type of sculpture that projects out from the front relief
a color family that only consists of black, white and gray Achromation
A principle of design which focuses on the differences between elements of art contrast
This famous dome was designed by Buckminster Fuller geodesic
An area enclosed by a line. It is two dimensional shape
The main area of dominance, or the main area of visual interest, in a work of art emphasis
man made shapes geometric
Sculptor known for creating biomorphic sculptures, like "Assembly of sea forms" Hepworth
Type of sculpture that can be seen from all sides in-the-round
the sense of wholeness in a work of art unity
the repetition of a motif or design pattern
style of greek architecture with an ornate column topped with acanthus leaves corinthian
constructed to honor all gods pantheon
art that is a reflection of someone portrait
during this time period architects using flying buttresses ribbed vaults stained glass and gargoyles gothic
another word for hue it has three properties hue, value and intensity color
during the classical greek period the architects iktinos and kallikrates created this building parthenon
the 15th century sculpture who created the famous relief gates of paradise which hang as the east doors on the cathedral of florence ghiberti
a color plus black shade
the architect who design the kauffman house wright
clay that has been fired once is known as bisque
the color that is achieved by mixing a primary with a secondary color intermediate
refers to action and allows the viewer's eye to move through the work movement
the system of architecture that developed in greece orders
a type of art that focuses on inanimate objects still life
shapes that are found in nature organic
a type of subject matter that focuses purely on design with no recognizable objects non-objective
refers to the equalization of information in a work of art balance
a furnace used for firing ceramic work kiln
the colors that are created when two primary colors are mixed together secondary
the lightness or darkness of a color value
shapes that have no definition irregular
stage of clay when it can be carved without it collapsin leatherhard
classical greek style of architecture with a column that was very simple at the top with no base doric
the area around or through an object negative space
this is a technique used to create depth in a relief sculpture linear perspective
formal balance that is identical on both sides symmetrical
a color plus white tint
handbuilding technique that uses a flat piece of clay slab
shapes or forms that are inspired by living things biomorphic
handbuilding technique which primarily uses a roll of clay coil
a type of balance that is not equal on both sides asymmetrical
classical greek style of architecture which used columns capped with a scroll ionic
a glass-like coating on ceramic objects glaze
the area in around or between objects there are twp types positive and negative space
building used to entertain the roman citizens by hosting battles and various competitions colosseum
stonehenge was constructed during this time period pre-historic
an object with little or no negative space mass
dry unfired clay that is very brittle and dusty bone dry
liquid clay that is used to join to pieces of clay together slip
type of art that makes a statement about the world social comment
the three main colors on the color wheel that form the basis for all other colors primary
the path of a moving point there are three types contour implied and gestural line
color family that uses one color plus its tints and shades monochromatic
sculpture technique of using materials found at a supply center construction
full of energy tension imbalance dynamic
the process of kneading clay to remove air bubbles wedging
colors that are opposite on the color wheel complementary
art that tells a story narrative
refers to the surface of an object texture
gothic cathedral that took over 100 years to complete notre dame
sculpture technique of combining various objects originally not intending for that purposed assemblage
contemporaty architect who works in a deconstructivist style hadid
the support structure for a sculpture armature
a small scale model of a sculpture maquette
the architect who built the step pyramid for king zoser IMHOTEP
a type of balance that is based on a circle radial
decomposed rock clay
Created by: Vast