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The Bet

setting at the party in the banker's house
mood it was interesting
theme It need something that gives a new insight to life.
person vs person when the banker and the lawyer started to argue about who he killed
person vs society when the lawyer being in prison that he said he would kill people
plot the banker and lawyer made a bet the lawyer said he will do it for 15 years instead of 5 years. The baker was going to kill him and when it was time for the lord was free, he escaped that morning.
exposition the banker is the older guy and the lawyer is younger
narrative hook when the lawyer escaped right when he was going to be free
climax when the banker went go kill the lawyer he didn't the next morning in the lawyer was gone.
conclusion is about the prisoner had escape while the banker was sleeping and they couldn't find him/her
narrator 3rd limited/ the banker
tone anger and serious
point of view 3rd limited
characters the banker and the lawyer
major the banker and the lawyer
protagonist the lawyer
antagonist the banker
minor the lawyer after 15 yrs he has a beard and the banker is a lot older now
dynamic character is the lawyer
static character the banker
indirect characterization when the banker finds out that the lawyer want take his money and he just walks off
direct characterization when the banker is mad at the lawyer and they make a bet
symbol the note the banker found when he went to go kill the lawyer it was the symbol of freedom
irony when the lawyer escaped right before he was going to be free
foreshadowing when the banker read the lawyers note and he said that he wasn't going to take his money
rising action when the bet is made and when the bet starts and when it begins
falling action the banker read the note and walked the way
Created by: daltonwalters



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