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art history mid term

Te Aa No Areois Paul Gauguin 1892 oil on burlap (post impressionism)
Composition IIV Vasily Kandinsky 1913 oil on canvas (expressionism)
Carnival of Harlequin Joan Miro 1924-1925 oil on canvas
Gotham News William De Kooning 1955 oil on canvas (abstract expressionism)
She- Wolf Jackson Pollock 1943 oil on canvas (Abstract expressionism)
Number 1, 1950 (Lavender Mist) Jackson Pollack 1950 oil, enamel and aluminum paint on canvas (action painting)
No. 14 Mark Rothko 1960 oil on canvas (color field)
Sentinel David Smith 1956 Stainless Steel
Fountain Marcel Duchamp 1917 Readymade
Water Walk John Cage 1960 performed
White Painting Robert Rauschenberg 1951 oil on canvas
Reservoir Robert Rauschenberg 1961 oil, graphite, fabric, wood, metal on canvas and 2 electric clocks rubber tread wheel and spole wheel rim
Monogram Robert Rauschenberg 1955-1959 mixed medium including taxidermy goat, rubber tire and tennis ball
Painted Bronze Jasper Johns 1960 painted bronze
Sunflower seeds Ai Weiwei 2010 hand-painted porcelain seeds
Large Bourgeois Refuse Arman 1960 trash in a glass box on a wooden base
Le Plein (full up) Arman 1960 trash/found objects
Just what is it that makes today's homes so different, so appealing? richard hamilton 1956 Collage on paper (pop)
Campbell's Soup Cans Andy Warhol 1962 synthetic Polymer paint on 32 canvases each 20"x 16"
Yard Allan Kaprow 1961 Environment in court of Martha Jackson Gallery
18 Happenings in 6 Parts Allan Kaprow 1959 Happening at the Reuben Gallery
The Courtyard Allan Kaprow 1962 Happening at hotel
Meat Joy Carolee Schneeman 1964 performance
Drip Music George Macunias 1963/ George Brecht 1959
Cut Piece Yoko Ono 1965 performed
Untitled Donald Judd 1969 Brass and colored florescent Plexiglass on steel brackets (minimalism)
Marilyn Monroe Diptych Andy Warhol 1962 Photosilkscreen
Untitled (L-beams) Robert Morris 1964 Installation
Q. And Babies? A. And Babies. Art Workers Coalition 1970 offset litho
Viet-Flakes Carolee Schneeman 1966 16mm film still
Snow Carolee Schneeman 1967kinetic theater , performance
Beauty Rest Martha Rosler Photomontage
One and Three Chairs Joseph Kosuth 1965 chair, photo, definition, (conceptual)
Modular Open Cube Piece (Floor/Corner 2) (Corner piece) Sol Lewit 1976 painted wood
Catalysis IV Adrian Piper 1970 Performance
Red Felt Robert Morris 1967 red felt
Repetition Nineteen III Eva Hesse 1968 fiberglass and polyester resin, nineteen units
Non-site, site Uncertain Robert Smithson 1968 corner wood boxes, rocks
Nonsite (Franklin, NJ) Robert Smithson 1968 wood, limestone, aerial photographs
Double Negative Michael Heizer 1969-1970 earthworks
Spiral Jetty Robert Smithson 1970 6,650 ton of mud, salt, crystals, basalt rock, earth, water
Mountain and Sea Helen Frankenthaler 1952 oil charcoal on canvas
Saraband Morris Louis 1959 acrylic resin on canvas
Bayside Helen Frankenthaler 1967 acrylic on canvas
Feminine Mystique Betty Friedan 1963 (book)
Eye Body: 36 Transformative Actions Carolee Schneeman 1963 performance and construction, broken mirror, glass, lights, umbrella , motorized parts, snakes
The Dinner Party Judy Chicago 1979 Multimedia including ceramics and stitchery
Created by: emilyclawson