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Metroid Weapon Study

Study the weapons that Samus Aran uses.

Missile A reliable and powerful weapon that Samus earns near the begining of the game. You might find it to be used alot.
Bomb Not much of a weapon, but more of a way to enter in hidden areas or secret, cramped passeges. Can be used as a weapon to attack certain areas on an enemy.
Long Beam An upgrade to the Power Beam that increases range and damage. It is critical that you find this up-grade.
Charge Beam An upgrade to the Long Beam that when you fully charge your cannon, it fires a super shot at a targeted enemy. Can also kill enemies when you jump on top of one with your cannon charged.
Ice Beam An upgrade to the Long Beam that, when you fire, freezes an enemy in place. A charged shot freezes instantly.
Wave Beam An upgrade to the Long Beam that allows Samus to shoot through walls and increases damage.
Super Missile An upgrade to the Missile that does a much larger amount of damage.
Plasma Beam A powerful upgrade to the Long Beam that alows Samus to shoot through enemies and increases damage.
Power Bomb The most powerful weapon in Samus's arsenal. It has the damage and range to take out a lot of enemies in one hit. Some secret areas might require her to use it.
Wavebuster A Charge Combo that generates a stream of electricity that will automatically lock on to a target, causing continuous damage. If the target is neutralized or moves out of range,it will lock onto a new target automatically.
Ice Spreader A Charge Combo that is similar to the Ice Missile, its target will be encased with ice, though it can freeze multiple enemies when it hits the ground by causing a sheet of ice to spread out from the blast.
Flamethrower A powerful Charge Combo that sprays a continuous line of fire, igniting the enemy and causing massive amounts of damage.
Spazer Beam An upgrade to the beam that fires a three-way beam.
Wide Beam An upgrade to the Long Beam where shots fired have a wider range to effectively take out her enemies and increases damage. Much like the Spazer Beam.
Ice Missile An upgrade to the missile that, when struck, instantly freezes an enemy.
Diffusion Missile An upgrade to the Ice Missile that, when charged, does a freezing area of effect upon impact, freezing multiple enemies.
Seeker Missile An upgrade to the Missile that, when charged, allows Samus to shoot up to five missiles at five or less locked-on enemies.
Hyper Beam The most powerful beam in her cannon. The origin of this weapon is unknown. The first time it was used was with the battle between Samus and Mother Brain in Super Metroid. But this was not the last time being used.
Dark Beam An upgrade to the Power Beam that shoots out dark energy at her foes. At does a freezing effect when a charged shot is fired. Most effective on light creatures.
Light Beam An upgrade to the Power Beam that shoots a ray of light at her foes. Does a continuos burn on enemies when a charged shot is fired. Most effective on dark creatures.
Annihilator Beam A beam that requires the ammo of both the Dark Beam and the Light Beam. It homes in on enemies on every shot. Does a stun effect when charged. Works well on all enemies.
Darkburst A Charge Combo that, when fired and upon impact, the orb will expand and create a rift to another dimension, pulling any nearby enemies into it. Most effective on light creatures.
Sunburst A Charge Combo that fires a slow moving sphere of light. If it passes by an enemy, a prominence will extend from the orb, igniting it.It will travel until it impacts an object, causing it to explode. Most effective on dark creatures.
Sonic Boom A powerful Charge Combo that, when fired, it quickly reaches its target and upon impact it will generate bursts of sonic waves, creating a distortion field with a "shattered" appearance, that damage anything near it until it is gone. Most effective on all
Imperialist A powerful, long ranged weapon used only to those have have marksman skills. This weapon has a zoom function.
Judicator A powerful weapon that shoots spears of ice out of the canon that richochet off of walls. This weapon, when charged, shoots three spears or a freezing blast.
Magmaul This is a magma based weapon that shoots balls of magma at the foe. It will continually burn the foe when charged.
Shock Coil A powerful weapon that shoots an electrifying coil that drains an enemies life energy and may regenerate your own. Has no charge function.
Battlehammer A powerful beam that shoots green bolts that ark downward to the ground and has an AOE upon impact. Has no charge function.
Volt Driver A powerful beam that shoots out fast, electrical shots that, when charged, homes in on the nearest foe, but moves slower. It will disrupt a foes visor as if it was an EMP.
Omega Cannon A very powerful weapon. The origin of this weapon is also unknown, but it is said to shoot a radiation blast that has a long range AEO that instantly kills.
Hyperball When Samus is in Morph Ball mode and activates Hypermode, she can send out streams of Phazon energy into enemies.
Hyper Missile A Phazon enhanced Super Missile that is devastating to all forms of creatures. Especially those who fear Phazon.
Hyper Grapple This weapon enables Samus to overload targets connected to the Grapple Lasso with Phazon energy when she is using Hypermode.
Nova Beam An upgrade to the Plasma Beam that aims for the weak spots on foes and shoots through some shielded areas to open certain doors.
Diffusion Beam An upgrade to the Power Beam that, when charged, does an area of effect upon impact, causing damage to other enemies.
Screw Attack A powerful armor upgrade that surrounds Samus with electrical energy while doing a somersault, turning her jumps into a deadly weapon. It can also destroy walls or objects.
Power Beam The basic weapon that Samus always starts off with in any game.
Created by: Ironclad92