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CTS 230 EM12

(Galvan) Module Twelve

The Excel macro recorder is the fastest way to create macros True
To open the Visual Basic Editor you must first click the Macros button in the Code group on the Developer tab True
Since Visual Basic for Applications is an application-specific language, Excel and Access use different variations of VBA False
One important use of the Visual Basic Editor is to manage your projects True
In VBA, a project consists of a single macro in one worksheet False
Unlike Windows Explorer, Project Explorer does not allow you to view your project components hierarchically False
All objects have properties True
A project cannot contain more than one module False
The macro recorder writes the most efficient code and records only those commands and actions you want in the finished project False
The VBA method ActiveWorkbook SaveAS saves the current workbook
The VBA code Set WBook = Workbooks("Smith") stores the WBook variable in the Smith workbook False
The And operator requires only one of two combined logical expressions to be true False
You can quickly switch to the Visual Basic Editor by pressing the Shift+Alt keys False
VBA allows you to create customized dialog boxes true
Macro buttons on the Quick Access Toolbar can be customized to display unique icons True
Hold down the Ctrl Key and press the Home key to go to cell A1 in the worksheet True
When the Visual Basic Editor opens, it usually displays three windows: the Project Explorer window, the Project window, and the Code window False
The Project Explorer window is dockable True
Attributes such as name, size, or color are known as properties True
A project might contain several different modules True
All procedures are considered public unless specified as Private True
In Excel, ChartObject refers to a chart embedded within a worksheet True
Property values containing text strings and numeric values do not need to be placed within quotation marks False
To determine whether an expression used in a condition is true or false, the expression needs to contain a comparison operator true
Logical operators are used to combine expressions within a(n) condition True
To go to cell A1 in a worksheet, hold down the ____ key and press the Home key Ctrl
Excel macros are written in the programming language ____ VBA
To edit a VBA macro, you need to use the Visual Basic ____ Editor
To quickly switch to the Visual Basic Editor, press ____ on your keyboard Alt + F11
When the Visual Basic Editor opens it usually displays ____ windows three
The ____ is a Visual Basic Editor window Properties window
A(n) ____ is a collection of macros, worksheets, data entry forms, and other items that make up a customized application project
The Project ____ is a window in the Visual Basic Editor that displays a hierarchical list of all currently opened projects and their contents Explorer
Within each project are various items called ____ objects
A(n) ____ is any element within the Excel working environment, such as a worksheet, macro, or workbook object
When you enter the name and description of a project, you are actually modifying two of its ____ properties
All of the following are attributes of an object except ____ name of creator
A(n) ____ is a collection of VBA macros module
When you want to view the VBA macro code associated with any item in Project Explorer, you use the ____ window Code
The following is a type of procedure supported by Visual Basic: ____ and returns a value after it processes function procedure
A ____ procedure returns a value function
To create sub procedures without using the macro recorder, you need to know some rules of VBA ____ syntax
The ____ command is always the last line in a sub procedure and tells Excel to stop running the macro End Sub
Comments must begin with a(n) ____ apostrophe
Comments are usually displayed by the editor in ____ font green
Procedure names can be up to ____ characters in length 255
Procedure names cannot contain ____ spaces
To step through a sub procedure one line at a time, click in the sub procedure code and then repeatedly press the ____ key F8
To run an entire sub procedure, press the ____ key F5
The Excel object you will use to create VBA programs and refer to a range in a worksheet is ____ Range
The Excel object you will use to create VBA programs and refer to a chart embedded within a worksheet is ____ ChartObject
The VBA code ____ refers to the collection of cells in the cell range, A1:B10 Range("A1:B10")
The object name ____ refers to the worksheet currently being displayed in the workbook "ActiveSheet"
The object name ____ refers to the workbook containing the macro code that is currently running ThisWorkbook
A(n) ____ is a named element in a program that can be used to store and retrieve information variable
Every variable is identified by a unique variable ____ name
You can define exactly what type of data can be stored in a variable with the ____ command Dim
The ____ symbol is used to combine two text strings into a single text string
___ errors occur when the program is executing Run-time
____ errors can be the most difficult to resolve Logical
To break a line to make your code easier to read, type a space followed by the ____ character at the end of the line underscore
In the function user = InputBox(“Enter your username” , “Log In”), the words “Enter your username” comprise the ____ prompt
In the function user = InputBox(“Enter your username” , “Log In”), the words “Log in” comprise the ____ title
A(n) ____ structure is a series of commands that evaluates conditions in your program and then directs the program to perform certain actions based on the status of those conditions control
To test several conditions in a macro, using the VBA ____ statement is recommended Select Case
If a control structure has more than two possible outcomes, you will have to use a(n) ____ control structure If-Then-ElseIf
The ____ control structure allows you to repeat a series of commands a set number of times For-Next
The ____ control structure repeats a series of commands as long as a particular condition is true Do-While
____ operators are used to combine expressions within a condition Logical
The most commonly used ____ operators are the And and Or operators logical
The ____ operator requires that only one of two (or more) expressions be true Or
Where in the Excel Options dialog box would Chantal find the setting to change the default location for Excel workbook files? Save options
Which of the following is NOT a true statement you would make to Rebecca? macro recorder is guaranteed to record only commands and actions you need in a finished project
The ____________________ Explorer is a window in the Visual Basic Editor that displays a hierarchical list of all currently opened projects and their contents Project
If a window is ____________________, you can drag it to the edge of the screen, and the window will always remain on top, above other windows dockable
A module is a collection of VBA ____________________ macros
The ____________________ window displays the VBA macro code associated with any item in the Project Explorer Code
A(n) ____________________ procedure is used when you want to create customized properties for the objects in your project property
Created by: galvanl