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What are 5 biomedical causes of impotence? vascular, neurological, emotional, medication-induced, hormonal
What are 8 common ingredients used to tonify Kd Yang? Lu Rong, Rou Cong Rong, Yin Yang Huo, Bi Ji Tian, Lu Jiao Jiao, Xian Mao, Suo Yang, Tu Si Zi
What are 6 TCM causes of impotence? 1. Debilitation of Life-Gate Fire (Kd Yang Def), 2. Kd Yin Def, 3. Ht Blood & Sp Qi def, 4. Ht & GB Qi def, 5. Lv Qi stagnation, 6. Downward pouring of Damp-Heat in LW
Which formulas are best for treating Kd Yang def impotence? Wu Zi Yan Zong Wan PLUS Zan Yu Dan; OR Zan Yu Dan PLUS You Gui Wan
How does Kd Yang def cause impotence? life gate fire warms the essence & the blood and promotes circulation to achieve erection; def Kd Yang will cause these functions to fail
How does Kd Yin def cause impotence? Kd Yin & Essence def will weaken the filling and nourishing of the penis
Which formula is best for treating Kd Yin def impotence? Liu Wei Di Huang Wan (tx Yin def & clears empty heat)
What are two formulas that may be used to tx Kd Yin def impotence with vigorous fire? Zhi Bai Di Huang Wan OR Zhou Gui Wan
Which formula is best for treating impotence caused by Sp Qi & Ht Blood Def? Gui Pi Tang (plus Kd ingred such as Du Zhong, Tu Si Zi, Gou Qi Zi)
What causes Ht & GB Qi def? sudden extreme shock, fright or fear, constitiutional def
How does Sp Qi/Ht Blood def cause impotence? Qi & Blood fail to fill & strengthen penis
How does Ht/GB Qi def cause impotence? Fear or shock causes Kd Qi & Ht Shen to scatter
What is the tx principle for Ht & GB Qi def impotence? Benefit the Ht & GB, tranquilize the Spirit, reinforce the Kd
Which formulas may be used to the Ht/GB Qi def impotence? Qi Yang Yu Xin Dan; OR Da Bu Yuan Jian PLUS An Shen Ding Zhi Wan
How does Lv Qi Stagnation cause impotence? constrined Lv Qi disrupts qi circulation in penis
Which formula (+ additions) is used to treat Lv Qi Stagnation impotence? Xiao Yao San PLUS Xiang Fu * Chuan Lian Zi to regulate Lv Qi
When tx Lv Qi stagnation type impotence, what herbs may be added to tonify Lv & Kd? Tu Si Zi, Bu Gu Zi, Gou Qi Zi
How does Damp-Heat in the LW cause impotence? Damp-Heat in LW will weaken & soften the tendons of the penis
Which formula is best for treating impotence caused by Damp-Heat in the LW? Long Dan Xia Gan Tang (minus Mu Tong) Do not use long term.
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