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Exercise 10-13 Word

Terms about Word

Proofreaders' marks Symbols written on a printed document by a copyeditor or proofreader to indicate where revisions are required.
Insert mode THe method of operation used for inserting new text within existing text in a document. Insert mode is the default.
Overtype mode The method of operation used to replace existing text in a document with new text.
Active Pane The pane in which the insertion point is currently located. Commands and actions occur in the active pane.
Active document The document in which the insertion point is currently located. Commands and actions occur in the active document.
Tile Arrange windows so they do not overlap onscreen.
Synchronous scrolling A feature that links the scroll bars in two windows so that when you scroll in one window the other window scrolls as well.
Independent scrolling The ability to scroll a window without affecting the display in other open windows.
Cut To delete a selection from its original location and move it to the Clipboard.
Paste To insert a selection from the Clipboard into the document
Clipboard A temporary storage area that can hold up to 24 sections at a time.
Drag-and-drop editing The action of using a mouse to drag a slection from its original location and drop it in a new location.
Copy To create a duplicate of a selection.
Read-only A mode of operation in which revisions cannot be saved in the original document.
Document properties Categories of information about a document.
Metadata Data about data, such as file properties.
Keywords Important words found in a document. They can be used to classify a document.
File type The format in which a file is stored. Usually, the file type corresponds to the program used to create the file.
File extension A dot followed by three or four characters at the end of a file name, used to indicate the file type.
File icon The icon used to represent a file in a file list.
Compatible file type A file type that Word can open, even though it was created and saved using a different program.
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