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NP Word Unit 7

New Perspectives Word Unit 7 ACA

This technology allows you to integrate information created in one program and embed into a document created in another program. OLE
A clickable word, phrase, or graphic that can just to a webpage, a place in the document, or a file created in another program. hyperlink
Electronic marker on a Word document that refers to a specific point in a document (used with internal hyperlinks). bookmark
This type of program allows you to organize, calculate, and analyze numerical data (Excel is an example). spreadsheet
After you have saved a document to SkyDrive, you can edit it in this application, which is a limited version fo Word accessible on the internet. Word Web App
After you save a document as a webpage, Word will change your view to this, which displays the document similarly to the way it would appear in a Web browser. Web Layout
If you edit the original file in the source program (edit an Excel chart in Word, for example), those changes appear in the ______ object. linked
Linking maintains this type of connection between the source file and destination file. two-way
This appears in a Screentip, indicating what person made a tracked change. user name
This tab contains all the options you need for working with track changes. Review
The original file in OLE is the: source
To embed but not link an object, select this option in Paste Special: paste
This feature can be used if you have two different versions of a document and you want to see the differences. compare
This feature can be used when you have two or more versions of a doucment and you want to combine them into one single document. combine
Web pages are designed to be viewed in these programs: browsers
If you do this to a linked object, the objects in the source and destination are no longer connected and changes will not affect the other. break
When you save a Word document as a webpage, this type of coded document is created. HTML
Worksheets and charts are examples of Excel: objects
You can use this revision tool to insert notes in a document for other reviewers. comments
If you don't wish to accept ANY changes someone has made with Track Changes on, you can click: Reject All Changes
To save to SkyDrive, choose this save option: Save to Web
To break a link between a source and destination document, just right click the linked object and once you get to the Links dialog box, press this button: Break Link
To insert an Excel spreadsheet as a linked file, use the Insert tab and click: Object
To change the screen tip or display text on a hyperlink, right click the link and select: Edit Hyperlink
To delete a comment, right click it and select: Delete Comment
To insert a comment, access the Comments button from this tab: Review
To enable Track Changes, click the Track Changes button from this tab: Review
To show an overview of tracked changes in a separate window, display this: Reviewing Pane
To show only revisions made by a certain person, click the drop down menu beside this button: Show Markup
To accept all changes made by reviewers, click this button on the Review tab: Accept All Changes in Document
To add a page color to the background of a page, use this tab: Page Layout
To mark a place in a document so you can hyperlink to it, choose Bookmark on this tab: Insert
To change your name as it displays when you track changes, choose Change User Name on the menu from this button: Track Changes
To modify an embedded Excel worksheet to fix an error, just do this to the embedded file in Word: Double-click
Created by: skindawg