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Mastering Biology

Chapter 1

All the organisms on your campus make up a community
What is the correct sequence of levels in life's hierarchy, proceeding downward from an individual animal? nervous system, brain, nervous tissue, nerve cell
Which of the following is not an observation or inference on which Darwin's theory of natural selection is based Poorly adapted individuals never produce offspring.
Systems biology is mainly an attempt to: to understand the behavior of entire biological systems.
Protists and bacteria are grouped into different domains because... protists have a membrane-bounded nucleus, which bacterial cells lack
Which of the following best demonstrates the unity among all organisms? the structure and function of DNA
A controlled experiment is one that... tests experimental and control groups in parallel
Which of the following statements best distinguishes hypotheses from theories in science? Hypotheses usually are relatively narrow in scope; theories have broad explanatory power.
What best describes the logic of scientific inquiry? If my hypothesis is correct, I can expect certain test results.
What is the appropriate term for an interacting group of individuals of a single type occupying a defined area? population
Which series of terms is in the correct sequence of biological organization, from the simplest to the most complex? cell, tissue, organ, population, community
Emergent properties of living systems are defined as properties that are due to the arrangement and interactions of parts as complexity increases
What best describes what is meant by "emergence"? The whole is greater than the sum of the parts
Sequencing a protein to discover the sequence of amino acids that make it up is an example of _____. Understanding how that protein works with other proteins in a cell is an example of _____. reductionism ... systems biology
In an ecosystem, nutrients _____ and energy _____. cycle ... flows through
The energy used by most organisms for metabolism and growth ultimately comes from _____ the sun
Which of the following is the fundamental unit of structure and function in living organisms cell
What is the molecule that can account for both the unity and the diversity of life? DNA
Which of the following domains is prokaryotic? Archaea
Which kingdom within the domain Eukarya is composed of organisms that are generally unicellular (single-celled)? Protista
Eukaryotic organisms that decompose dead organisms and absorb the nutrients are generally found in which kingdom? Fungi
Natural selection tends to act at which of the following levels? population
Which observations and inferences led Charles Darwin to his theory of natural selection as a mechanism for evolution? Darwin synthesized his theory of natural selection from all of the above observations and inferences.
With evolution as the core theme of biology, we can explain traits shared by organisms as evidence of _____ and traits that differ among organisms as evidence of _____. descent from a common ancestor ... adaptation through natural selection
Experimentation is only one part of the process of scientific inquiry, but it is a very important step because it _____. allows rejection of a hypotheses
A hypothesis must be testable and falsifiable to be scientifically valid. Being testable and falsifiable means that _____ some conceivable observation or experiment could reveal whether a given hypothesis is incorrect
At which point is a scientific investigator most likely to use deductive reasoning? in establishing a test of a hypothesis
The best method for determining whether bean plants require sodium is to _____. grow bean plants with and without sodium
In experimental procedures, repetition of the procedures _____. is necessary before concluding that a given set of results is correct
Should an experiment test only one variable at a time? Why or why not? Yes, an experiment should only test one variable at a time. This ensures that the experimental outcome is clearly due to one identifiable factor
A theory is _____. ( a well-supported concept that has broad explanatory power
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