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History Exam

Why is Bacon's rebellion significant? Showed the instability of the colony and strengthened the commitment to slavery. Slaves would never have the opportunity to have land so there could be no conflict. Indentured servants were landless once their term ended which caused the conflict.
What was the triangle trade? Network of trade between the colonies, Europe, the West Indies, and Africa. Colonies received slaves from Africa and the West Indies. The colonies sent tobacco made by slaves to Europe and rum to Africa. Slavery was the core of the triangle.
What was the First Great Awakening? 1730's religious revivalism. The focus was on emotion. Led to new churches which meant more religious tolerance and it was the first colony wide event.
What is the Middle Ground? Areas where neither Europeans or Indians were dominant or in complete control. Adapted to each other instead of competing. For instance tobacco. Settlers needed land for growing tobacco and the Indians would benefit from providing the land, no fighting.
Describe the Colombian Exchange. Exchange between the Old and New World. The Old World brought domesticated animals, DISEASE, slaves to New World. New World brought gold, silver, corn and sweet potatoes. Spain and Portugal get rich from metals, esp gold.
Glorious revolution's impact on the colonies. James II appointed daughter Mary and William to power. They abolished Dominion of New England and restored separate colonial governments. (1688)
Created by: jake&&finn