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Fashion Merch.

chapter 2

adaptations designs that have all the dominant features of the style that inspired them but do not claim to be exact copies
classic a sytle or design that satisfies a basic need and remains in general fashion acceptance for an extended period of time
customer is a patron or potential purchaser of goods or services
culmination stage that periop when a fashion is at the height of its popularity and use. the fashion then is in such demand that it can be mass-produced, mass-distributed, and sold at prices within the reach of most consumers
decline stage the decrease insonsumer demand because of boredom resulting from widespread use of fashion
design a pecific version or variation of a style. in everyday usage, however, fashion producers and retailers refer to a design as a "style", a "style number " or simply a number
details the individual elements that give a silhouette its form or shape. these include trimmings, skirt and pant lenght and width, and shoulder, waist, and sleeve treatment
fad a short lives fashion
fashion a style that is accepted and used by the majority of group at any one time
fashion business any business concerned with goods or services in which fashion is a element- including fiber, fabric, and apparel manufacturing, distribution, adversiting, publishing, and consulting
fashion cycle the rise, widespread popularity and then decline in acceptance of a style
fashion industries those engaged in producing the materials used in the production of apparel and accessories for men, women, and children
fashion merchandising the planning required to have the right fashion-oriented merchandise at the right time, in the right place, in the right quantities, at the right prices, and with the right sales promotion for a specified target customer
high fashion those syles or desings accepted by a limited group of fashion leaders- the elite among consumers- who are first to accept fashion change
knockoff a trade ter, referring to the low price copies of an item that has had good acceptance at higher prices
long-run fashions a fashion that takes more seasons to complete its cycle than what might be considerd its average life expectancy
marketing a total system of business activities designed to plan, price, promote, and place(distribute) products and services tp [resent and potential customers
mass or volume fashion those styles or designs that are widely accepted
obsolescence stage when disinterest occurs and a style can no longer be sold at any price
plateau same as culmination stage
rise stage the acceptance of either a newly introduced design or its adaptations by an increasing number of consumers
shor-run fashion a fashion that takes fewer seasons to complete its cycle than what might be considered average life expectancy
silhouette the overall outline or contour of a costume. also frequently refered to as "shape" or "form"
style a characteristic or distinctive mode of presentation or conceptualization in a particular field. in apparel, style is the characteristic or distinctive appearance of a garment, the combination of features that makes it different from other garments
style number the number manufacturers and retailers assigned to a design. the number identifies the product for manufacturing, ordering, and selling
taste the recognition of what is and is not attractive and appropriate. good taste in fashion means sesitivity no only to what is articstic but to these considerations as well
texture the look and feel of material, woven or unwoven
trend a general direction or movement
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