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Big Nate

attendance the number of persons that are present; the state of being present at
basically fundamentally; essentially; primarily; mostly; inherently; in effect or in essence
diversion a defensive move to draw an opponent's attention away from the center of action; something that draws one's attention
frivolous not serious; petty; trifling; silly; trivial; foolish; unimportant
hilarious very funny or humorous; extremely amusing
ignore to refuse to notice; to disregard, discount, or overlook; to pay no attention to
insolence very rude or disrespectful behavior; refusal to give one's superiors proper respect; a show of disregard for standards of correct behavior; the quality of being proud in an offensive way
officially according to set rules; by virtue of the proper authority; in a ceremonious manner; formally
potential having the possibility; possible or probable; promising; latent; likely
surpass to do better than others; to go beyond others in quality or achievement; to be or do something to a greater degree; to excel; to exceed; to outdo
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