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Kulesza pd2

intro color and fashion terms

What is a hue a name givin to a color
what are the elements of desighn line, color, texture, and shape/form
what are complementary colors colors opposit on the color wheel that work together
what is harmony when the elements of design and the priciples of design worh together
what is the focal point of an outfit Emphasis
straight lines make a person... emphisizes and counter cured or round body areas.
a good proportion should look..... fitted and looks good togrther
what is an example of rythm radiation, gradation, or repetition
what is a bad proportion when not fitted on the person and doesnt look right
what are primary colors red, blue, and green
what are monocromatic color schemes tints and shades of one color
what is form shape
what are the principles of design balance, proportion, rythm, and emphasis
what does a line do it helps lead the direction of an outfit
what is analogous color scheme three or more colors on the color wheel that are next to eachother
what is balance when line, shapes, textures, and patterns break up an area of space into parts
give an example of balance symetrical
Rythm makes your eyes.... jump around all over an outfit
what is texture how fabric looks and feels
a plan used to put something together design
what are the three types of rythm radiation, repetition, and gradation
what are cool colors blue, green, and sometimes violet
what are warm colors red, orange, and yellow
Created by: dan98k