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Vocabulary Terms From Week 1 to 7/ Second Nine weeks Week 1 Vocabulary!

Ambiguous Somtheing that is not clear
Empathetic When one shows concern or compassion
Extraneous Things or events that are not on the subject being disscused
Haughty Being very prideful
Parallel When things are similar in nature to each other
Poignant Showing very strong emotion
Recurring Something that returns over and over
Subliminal Something that is hidden or that one is unaware of
Pompous Having or exhibiting self-importance
Unabashed A state or condition where one shows no shame or embarrassment
Wistful A condition of longing thoughtfully about something
Biased Not to show fairness in a situation
Admiring Giving approval and favor to a person or thing
Affix (noun) A meaningful part of a word that is attached before (prefix) or after (suffix) (verb) To Attach something
Aloof To be unfriendly and remote
Biography A description of somebody's life, for example, in the form of a book or movie, written or produced by another person
Autobiography A description of the writer's own life and experiences
Fable A short story or folk tale embodying a moral
Nostalgic The act of longing for something far away or long ago
Agitated A state of being restless or disturbed
Bashful A characteristic of being shy or reserved
Drama A story written to be performed by actors; a play
Fanciful Something that is imaginary or unbelievable
Positive Having an optimistic or helpful approach
Sarcastic Mocking or showing disrespect
Assertive To be aggressive or pushy
Fervent To show passion and enthusiasm
Harried To be agitated or stressed
Lighthearted To be cheerful and happy
Sincere To be genuine and honest
Solemn To be serious
Accurate To be exact,correct,or precise
Clarify To make clear or simplify
Demonstrate To Show or make obvious
Enhance To add to or increase: to improve
Exaggerate To oversate or embellish
Persuasion Influence with reason or opinion
Trivial Unimportant, or insignificant
Created by: Brent16