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George poetry

George poetry terms

Imagery word pictures that appeal to the five senses oranges big as the sun bursting their skins with juice
Figurative Language uses word pictures to compare or describe, not to be taken literally usually includes metaphor or simile the cracked teapot screams
Metaphor says one thing is another The woman is a rock
Personification giving things or animals human characteristics The wind sighing, crying through the long grass
Simile compare two things using like or as my louv is like a red red rose
Hyperbole exaggeration the man was as tall as a tree
Alleration repeating the beginning sound Peter Piper Picked a peck of Pickled Peppers
Assonance repeating vowel sounds school ,pool ,tool
Onomatopoeia words that sound like their meaning ring crackle
Repetition using words or phrases more then once this morning this morning
Rhyme words that end with the same or similar sounds the slithy toves were the borogroves
Internal rhyme rhymes that occurs within one line of a poem He left it dead ,and with it's head
Rhyme scheme pattern created by ending sounds ab aa b
Rhythm pattern created by stressed and unstressed syllables As I walked OUT in the STREETS of laREdo
stanza a group lines in a poem a paragraph in poetry
ballad poetry that tells a story like a song
End rhyme pattern in which the ends of lines contain the same sounds out to play; in the Freedom March today
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