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The Hobbit

Study guide for the Hobbit

One who works with spells of death. Necromancer
What happens to trolls in sunlight? Turn to stone
What range of mountains must the party travel through? Misty
Who is the master of the Last Homely House? Elrond
What are the names of Gandalf's and Thorin's swords? Glamdring and Orcrist
What did the goblins call Orcrist? Biter
What did the goblins call Glamdring? Beater
Which dwarf received the onerous duty of taking care of packing Bilbo around? Dori
When Bilboo awoke in the cave, who did he encounter? Gollum
What riddle did Bilbo provide that his rival could not solve? What have I got in my pocket?
What power did the ring provide? Invisibility
What are the big goblins of the mountains also know as? Orcs
What are the evil wolves of the wild called? Wargs
Who saves Gandalf, Bilbo and the dwarves? Eagles
Name the great rock the dwarves and Bilbo descended. The Carrock
What is the name of the "skin changer" that the party meets along the way? Beorn
From where did Beorn come originally? Misty Mountains
What is the name of the forest the compnay must pass through? Mirkwood
What is Gandalf's constant warning? Don't leave the path
What does Bilbo name his sword? Sting
From what elves did the wood elves descend? Quendi
Which dwarf was first captured? Thorin
How do Bilbo and the dwarves escape? In barrels bound for Lake Town down river.
"At the end of a fortnight, Thorin began to think of departure." How long is a fortnight? Two weeks
Name the promontory at the end of the ridge where they first camp. Ravenhill
By what noteable place did they make their third camp? The hidden door
Who,or what shows Bilbo and the dwarves the entrance to the mountain? A thrush
What dind of game do Bilbo and Smaug engage? Riddles
For what did the men of the Lake use thrushes? Messengers
What part of the treasure did Thorin claim for himself? The Arkenston of Tharain
Who is the "grim-faced man" who calls Lake Town to arms? Bard
Who kills Smaug? Bard
Who shows up unexpectedly that Bilbo is delighted to see? Gandalf
Who leads the goblins of the Misty Mountains in attack? Bolg
What is the battle called? Battle of the Five Armies
Which dwarves are killed in the battle? Fili, Kili, and Thorin
Which dwarf seems to befriend Bilbo the most? Balin
What treasure does Bilbo get from Smaug's hoard? Chest of gold and a chest of silver
What is also known as Imladris? Rivendell
Created by: tyasante